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Universities in UK

Study in UK universities is a great opportunity to learn from leading scientists of the world and to obtain fundamental theoretical knowledge along with practical skills. Not to mention the familiarity with many different cultures, because the universities in England – one of the most international in the world.
In addition, the British system of higher education institutions has incredible flexibility and variety so you can always try to find a programthat meets Your specific interests.

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Diploma Aston University is one of the best ways to increase your salary

5 years after graduation, graduates of Aston University earn almost £3 000 more than expected. From a financial point of view, the Aston Un...

University of Essex included in the list of best universities according to the strategy of employment of graduates

University of Essex took a leading ranking in the best employment strategy "Best University Employability Strategy" from the "Target Jobs A...

Alena about studying at Goldsmiths, University of London

Interview with Alena, a student at Goldsmiths, University of London

A student from Saratov talks about studying at the University of East Anglia

A student from Saratov Eva talks about the program of Art History at the University of East Anglia and the city of Norwich

Football scholarship Aston Villa Scholarship from Aston University in the UK

In connection with the ongoing Russia's World Cup, we would like to remember about this great opportunity to become closer to the world of ...

The statement of the Dean of the University of Aston on the admission of Russian students

We evaluate applications for admission each student fairly and without discrimination. Aston University continues to recognize the Russia...

FAQ: the Political climate and entry to UK universities

Recently we EducationIndex get a lot of questions about enrolling in the UK universities in conditions of complication of relations between...

Racing team Cardiff University made history

Team "Cardiff Racing" has made tremendous progress in the design and engineering skills. They created the car walked over 130 University te...

The Russian-speaking community in King's College London

Learn more about the student community, which helps Russian students to adapt and have fun

How to choose a profession in the University of the UK (England)

10 most popular professions of the designer and where they study

The design these days has become one of the key factors in the success of many companies, as approved by the market leaders and rapidly gro...

Professionally-oriented graduate programs UK

Professionally-oriented doctoral programs post-graduate British accented not so much the development of skills for research work as to prof...

How to choose a University in UK | How to choose a University in England

Diploma Aston University is one of the best ways to increase your salary

5 years after graduation, graduates of Aston University earn almost £3 000 more than expected. From a financial point of view, the Aston Un...

The story of the student on the choice of the University and benefits the University of Kent

When student Becky chose a University (now it seems that since then it's been 1000 years), she wanted to find something that will go for he...

York University improved its result in the international ranking "THE"

The University of York entered the 120 best universities in the world by the prestigious international ranking of the "World University Ran...

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Rankings of universities in the UK

Rankings of universities in the UK

The position of the best universities in the UK lists the top three world rankings 2016-2017: QS, Times Higher Education rankings-THE Shangh...

The cost of Study in the UK | Price of Education in England | Tuition Fees in Britain

Cost comparison of master's programs of the second higher education in the UK and Russia sections

The price range for training in master is large enough and in UK universities, and universities of Russia: from 7 to 25 thousand pounds a y...

The comparison of programmes and value education in the universities of great Britain and Russia

Programs of Russian universities British cheaper on average twice or even three times, although among themselves they sometimes vary as muc...

Funding for training

Finding funding training is the responsibility of the applicant and is a task no less difficult than the entrance test. The application for...

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Scholarships UK universities | Grants to study in England

Football scholarship Aston Villa Scholarship from Aston University in the UK

In connection with the ongoing Russia's World Cup, we would like to remember about this great opportunity to become closer to the world of ...

University of York has announced a scholarship!

University of York published available scholarships for 2018-2019. Among them, there are great deals for Russian students!

100% scholarship University Oxford Brookes

Applications are accepted for scholarships that completely cover training at Oxford Brookes

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Levels and degrees of the educational system in the UK

Table with a breakdown of the degrees master's of education in UK

What is LLM, MSc and MEng? What are the academic degree of graduate in CIS countries comply with British?

Table with a breakdown of the first degrees in higher education in the UK

What is LLB, BSc and BEng? What academic degree in CIS countries comply with British?

How is the quality of British education

By law, British institutions of higher education are responsible for compliance with academic standards and the quality of education, regar...

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How to go to University in the UK (England)

Do not have time to do this year? Start studying at Regent's University London in January!

If you missed the deadlines and did not submit documents to the beginning of the school year, you still have a chance to enter the prestigi...

Sending online applications to UK universities through UCAS

UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is an online service to enable the applicant to find a program and apply for admission ...

What is Clearing and how to use it?

On 5 July on the UCAS website offers access to Clearing service that helps you find free places in schools for those applicants who do not ...

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Student testimonials about studying in the UK | interview alumni about teaching in England

A York graduate about his university experience

Interview with Elizaveta about choosing a university and her studies in York

Graduate business school Aston University shared how the University received the skills and knowledge helped him to set up business

Finalist of the British show "The Apprentice", Nick Holzherr, announced the deal concluded with the German online-platform food. Holzer nic...

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Short courses in the UK

Intensive summer school at Regent's University London

Regent's University London offers a unique summer school intensive program lasting six weeks.The cost of studying one module — 1600 £.

Learn in Summer school top University of Loughborough

School of Business and Economics of Loughborough University is pleased to invite you to participate in the International summer school the...

Short courses in the School of Arts Oxford Brookes

Short courses Oxford Brookes University for those who want to expand their portfolios and realize their creative potential and enjoy studen...

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First University in the UK (bachelor in England)

Russian-British double degree programme: 4 years, MGIMO and University of reading

In the summer of 2018, the University is now accepting applications for new undergraduate double degree programme, implemented jointly with...

Student at Aston University about the importance of internships

Read about five reasons why the passage of one year of practice in the framework of the program of undergraduate and graduate programs will...

Student at University of Kent on the choice of modules

A student of the prestigious University of Kent talked about their favorite modules and advantages of wide choice of modules in the bachelo...

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Higher education in London

For King's College London London is an online school

Training strategy at King's College London is based on the desire of the University to maximize use of the educational potential of London,...

Global Institute of Women and Leadership at King's College London

King's College London opened the Global Institute of Women and Leadership (Global Institute for Women's Leadership).

Meeting with the representative of Regent's University London in Moscow

April 14 in Moscow held a meeting with a representative of the private British University Regent's Universiy London

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Higher education in Scotland

21 reason why you will never want to part with the University of Dundee

Sea, sand, sun and stunning student team...What else do you want?

Where is Dundee, or why you should come to study in Scotland

About the benefits of training in the most picturesque area of the UK in our material.

How to enroll in a Scottish University?

The procedure of entering Scottish higher education institutions is no different from the admission to the British universities. Applying f...

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Business education in the UK (England)

Successful start-UPS of students and graduates of King's College London

Read about several startups and organizations created, thanks to support Enterprise Institute, king's College, has already begun to change ...

Business school Brunel University London is among the best in Europe

Business school of Brunel University (Brunel Business School) was ranked 82-th place in Europe and 18th in the UK according to the latest e...

Business education in London

More than 50% of Russian students coming to University in the UK, studying business and management and most of these students seeking to st...

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Medical education in the UK

The study of veterinary medicine in the UK

If you want to save the lives of animals, the UK offers plenty of opportunities for veterinary education

Creative professions in the UK

7 creative programs DMU, which is worth paying attention to

De Montfort University is among the most creative universities in the UK. Read the review 7 the programmes that are worth to study in DMU, ...

Universities UK, which received recognition in the field of music

The table below represents a list of universities in the UK whose achievements in Music have received international recognition, according ...

Universities UK, which received recognition in the field of dramatic arts and dance

List of universities in the UK, whose activities in the field of Dramatic arts, Dance and Cinema has received international recognition

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Engineering and architectural education in the UK

Architectural education in the UK

Qualified architect in the UK and combines academic education and professional experience, and receive it takes a minimum of seven years. A...

How to go to Oxford?

The cost of studying at Oxford

The students, who studied for the last 3 years in school/ College in the UK or in one of the EU countries pay fees at the "home" tariff (ar...

Documents for admission to Oxford for the first higher

To apply please complete an application form on the UCAS website, attach a letter of motivation and contact details of referees. If success...

Admission requirements to Oxford for programs of the first higher

A-Levels AAA or AAA*, IB — 38, Pre-U – D2, D2, D3 or D3, D3, D3 Internet-TOEFL 110 points (at least 22 in listening, 24 in reading, 25 i...

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What to do in Cambridge?

The cost and duration of training in Cambridge for master's degree

Most of the master programmes of Cambridge last for one academic year 9-12 months:

The process of admission to the masters of the University of Cambridge

The academic year at Cambridge begins on October 1. The application process opens September 1 for the year before admission. Each course ha...

List of documents for admission to master's Cambridge

The main documents required for admission to the master's program at the University of Cambridge: Application form, Motivational letter des...

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Student and working visas in the UK

Short-term student visa in the UK

Short-term student visa in the UK – a detailed plan

Changes in the rules governing student visas Tier 4 of 12 November 2015

In July 2015 the UK government has announced another upcoming stage of the reform of the Tier 4 Points Based System, which allows foreign s...

Rules of employment for the citizens of the Baltic States

If you are a citizen of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or another country of the European economic area

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Moving to the UK

York is the best city to live in the UK

York is one of the leading research universities University of York, voted best city to live in the UK in 2018.

What to bring when going to study in a British University?

What documents to bring? Of the things necessarily need to pack in a suitcase neutrashimy student? Read tips former Russian students in Bri...

Universities In UK

More than 400’000 of foreign students entered higher educational institutions of Britain, including more than 10’000 students from Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries with Russian-speaking population. Universities in Britain consistently held the second place in the world in total number of students in them foreigners, second only to American universities.

According to the statistical Agency HESA universities UK in 2015-16 year awarded more than 745 000 educational degrees. On average, 72 % of graduates of all UK universities find employment within 6 months after graduation. For top-rated educational institutions in the UK, this figure is much higher. Rankings of universities in the UK here.

So how many universities in the UK?

In the UK for about 160 recognized higher educational institutions, including universities and colleges, who have the right to confer degrees of higher education. They are all listed on our website under the UK Universities.

As of summer 2016, the year, with the exception of four universities England, all UK universities were state institutions. Four private University in the UK to be awarded the status of an English University, and having the right to issue their own diplomas of higher education: the University of Buckingham, BPP University, Regent's University and University of law.

Colleges in the UK

More than 700 schools and institutes in the UK offer degree programs, after which the student may continue studying at the University. To them belongs most of the colleges in the UK.

About 10% of UK colleges offering higher education programmes.

With rare exception, the College did not assign their own diplomas and degrees and issue the diplomas to the graduates of the English universities, accredited programs of colleges. For this reason, most colleges don't participate in rankings of British universities.

Most foreign students come to British colleges programs University preparation International Foundation UK.

Universities in England

England – leader in the number of universities in the UK. More than 110 educational institutions in England, accredited by the state, offer higher education to students from around the world.

According to UKCISA 2016, the number of foreign students in the UK - more than 435,000, of which about 355 000 are studying in the universities of England. In England, foreigners account for 19% of all students.

Universities and colleges in England for foreigners

As a leader of international education, almost all the major British universities annually host hundreds of foreign students for programs of the first higher and graduate programs. Among students from Russia and Kazakhstan the popular universities are King's College London, University of Surrey, Regents University London. In General the share of foreigners popular universities in England – Buckingham University - more than 58% of foreign students, London school of Economics , about 44%, Imperial College London - more than 40%.

Universities in England for Russian students

About 1.5% of the total number of foreign students in the UK – students from Russia, and most of them are studying in universities and colleges in England. British universities are interested in talented students and creating an international environment, and many British universities actively involve students and citizens of other countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other former Soviet countries.

Many universities offer information especially for Russian students, including information on scholarships British universities and the schedule of visits by University representatives. Among them is the University of Southampton, University of East Anglia, UCLan, Greenwiсh University and Aston University.

Cheap universities in England

Along with the position of British universities in the rankings, the quality and content of their programs, the cost of education is one of the most important factors when selecting a school.

Being synonymous with guaranteed quality British University education is also one of the most expensive in the world. The cost of a year of study at a British University starts from £10 000 - 11 000.

Relatively less expensive universities are British institutions located in less senior positions rankings of UK universities.

In addition, the more expensive are the programs that require the use of laboratories and equipment, and learning programs of universities in UKthat are taught in lecture halls, other things being equal, will be cheaper. So the "cheap" subject areas in the universities of England are the arts, education, social Sciences and Humanities.

The most prestigious universities in England

The most prestigious universities in England steadily occupy the top ranks of world rankings. For example, according to the rating of Times Higher Education, it – Oxford, Cambridge, universities of Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Durham. How to go to Oxford , read here what to do in Cambridge - here.

The most prestigious universities and colleges are the most expensive, and to enter them difficult. So, College education in UK Imperial College London, occupying the eighth place of rating THE cost of 15-45 thousand pounds a year depending on the program.

To find out what other prestigious institutions of England are the leaders in the rankings of universities in the world.

Leading technical universities in the UK – Cambridge and Bristol universities, Imperial College London, University of Southampton, University of Nottingham.