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We make the process of selection and admission to a foreign University as simple and clear as possible and we love our business!

Since 2010, we have been helping students navigate the world of higher education abroad and enter the universities of their first choice, offering a simple and perfectly working step-by-step algorithm for deciding what, where and how to study.

Our mission

We believe that education and experience life in different countries not only give a powerful boost to your career and allow you to learn foreign languages, but also help to broaden the Outlook and horizons of ambition, to gain maturity and independence, make new friends and build strong professional relationships.

Whether it's a short-term course of foreign language study or University program in a foreign University, the experience and knowledge obtained abroad, will enrich you and open new vistas for you.

We make the process of selecting and enrolling in a foreign University as simple and understandable.

Our team


Position: Director

Education: BSc Economics, MSc Management, MBA

Universities: MSU, LBS

The idea of Education Index was born during the summer Entrepreneurial School in London Business School, where I did MBA. We attracted an investor and started a business in London in 2010.
Having gained experience of studying, living and doing business in the UK, I am sure that education abroad develops personality, prepares for a global career and helps to realize the potential like no other study.
We help students to make an informed choice of their future, and to universities and schools to tell about their programs to students.
Outside of work, I am a mother of two wonderful children, in our international family speak three languages: English, Russian and Portuguese. I continue to learn to combine business and family. I hope, basically, it turns out. When I have everything-super, I sing.


Position: Programmer

Education: Applied mathematics and Informatics

University: MIIT

I started working as a programmer in my student years, and my experience with .net technologies is approaching 10 years. During this time, I managed to work with a large number of projects, made several of my own platforms. He worked with sites with attendance of more than 1.5 million, and with analytical projects with low attendance, but with a huge amount of data received daily. He participated in multifunctional IT teams and startups with one developer.


Position: Account Executive

Education: MA International Relations, Reading for PhD

Universities: RUDN, RGGU

Having worked in the field of education abroad for more than 5 years, I know how difficult it is to make a choice of University and specialty in their huge variety. I hope our advice to applicants helps to make the right choice and greatly facilitate the process of entering the universities of their dreams.
In my free time I work on my dissertation and write scientific articles. I love to travel and do yoga.


Position: Specialist in preparation for interviews at top UK universities (Oxford, Cambridge and Russell universities)

Education: Cambridge (bachelor of science, master of arts, master of biotechnology), Oxford (PhD in molecular biology)

My passion is to help international students benefit from studying at the best universities in the world. While studying in Cambridge, I traveled to Russia and CIS countries and met many talented students who struggled with the unclear and difficult process of entering an international University. After a short stint in the US where I worked at start-up Harvard/MIT/Stanford, I started studying at Oxford. In 2017 I joined the Education Index in order to share their experiences. My inspiration is to fulfill the dreams of all students.
In my spare time, I am fond of foreign languages, mountaineering and diving.


Position: Accompanying document editor

Education: Oxford (master of engineering), Imperial College London (master of engineering in innovative design), Royal College of arts

Working with students and applicants has helped me realize how valuable is a thoughtful, structured and timely advice. Having entered 3 leading British universities and successfully completed 3 master's programs, I gained a lot of experience in the art of preparing applications to universities and share my knowledge with pleasure.
In addition to working in Education Index, I am engaged in my business on landscaping technologies in London. In my free time I like to go Hiking and swimming in nature.


Position: Consultant on education abroad

Education: BSc Geography, MSc Environmental Change and Management

Universities: NGU, Oxford University

I joined Education Index in 2011, just after finishing my master's degree at Oxford, and since then it has been my constant source of inspiration. Including non-formal education, I spent 8 years at 4 universities in Russia and the UK, won a scholarship to study in the US, and also worked at Oxford University for a while. Through this experience, I understand the key differences in educational systems that can confuse students. I like to help students from the CIS who, like me a few years ago, want to study abroad and do not know where to start.
My main area of expertise is the protection of the environment, and I had the opportunity to work in several countries around the world. Now I am a freelancer, analyze environmental legislation and continue to travel.


Position: Consultant on education abroad

Education: Moscow State University, Sorbonne (Université Paris-IV)

Since my childhood I was thrilled by foreign languages and different cultures. After my graduation from Moscow State University, I also obtained a DEA diploma from Sorbonne (Université Paris-IV), I’ve lived in France and in Canada, and few years ago I came back to Moscow. I speak English and French fluently and had been working for a long time in sociology and marketing research which is my professional field.

Having growing children I’ve been thinking about their education perspectives – the modern world proposes lots of attractive alternatives but it can also be hard to make a full understanding of them, and it is a special challenge to find the best and the most suitable path of development for every young person. That’s how I became a consultant in higher education abroad and I believe this profession is very interesting and valuable for people. I usually spend my free time with family and kids and enjoy it very much.


Position: Consultant on education abroad

Education: RANEPA, management in the field of project management, bachelor

Work in the field of education for me is very attractive because of its relevance: many of my friends are on the verge of entering the magistracy, and because of its richness in terms of knowledge, experience, which I can share with applicants. It is very motivating to help applicants to enter their dream University.
In my spare time I do photography, visit exhibitions, enjoy art, travelling and learn foreign languages.


Position: Interview Preparation Consultant, Supporting Documents Editor

Education: University of Oxford, London School of Economics

Having both worked and studied in higher education, I’ve learned the importance and enjoyment in expressing ideas clearly but creatively in applications, essays and conversation. I currently live in Canada. I have recently worked as an Enterprise Advisor at Queen Mary University in London, helping students develop business ideas, business plans and funding applications. This work shows me the challenges and rewards involved for students in combining academic study and wider pursuits.
Outside work, I enjoy adventurous travel, getting outdoors, reading and writing and learning guitar.


Position: Accompanying document editor

Education: National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Paris Institute of Political Studies (Po)

As an admissions officer for the leading British Master’s programmes, I was handling about 20 applications from students all over the world every day. Every time sending a long-awaited admission letter I kept thinking that someone’s dream had just come true. Now when I know exactly what is needed to succeed in the application process to the best universities of the world, I am inspired to share my experience with those who believe that a high-quality education is a life-changing opportunity. At the moment I live in the Netherlands, travel a lot, closely collaborate with the British Council and teach foreign languages.

Direct link with universities around the world

Fading are the days when the admission to a foreign University to be made only through a solicitor. A rapidly increasing number of students self-selecting and entering the universities abroad.

The opportunity to ask questions to representatives of foreign universities and get quick responses - great help to those who select the institution and enters it on their own. Ask your questions to representatives of universities on the pages of universities in the world.

And you know, foreign universities are interested in the Russian-speaking students less than students in universities.

Our customers about us

Our vacancies

We are looking for like-minded people and talents! If You like our work and You are sure that You our business and team will become even stronger, send Your CV and Cover Letter to info@educationindex.ru.

Sales Manager of educational services/
Consultant education abroad

City: Moscow

What to do?

Convert inbound leads through initial advising clients to pick up and sell most suitable to the client educational programs abroad, including language courses, training in University, the first higher and graduate in the UK, USA, Holland and other English-speaking countries.

Who are we looking for?

  • The person with high IQ and Outlook; dedicated, willing to grow;
  • Excellent Communicator, extrovert who loves communicating with people;
  • Professional in sales, who can convert warm leads into sales;
  • Specialist in education abroad, with excellent knowledge of the education systems of UK, USA and Holland;
  • A person with knowledge of the English language at the Advanced level; 2nd foreign language is an advantage;
  • Graduate with good name and with the highest average score of the diploma;
  • The person responsible, able to self-manage their working time;
  • The experience of living and studying abroad is a plus.


  • Take inbound calls and queries from the site;
  • Advise potential customers on education abroad and effectively convert these consultations into sales;
  • To prepare well-structured written and most compelling offers to customers in the Russian language;
  • Conduct correspondence and negotiations with foreign universities and language schools in the English language;
  • Maintain records and conversion to CRM;
  • Actively cooperate with the team and participate in the life of the company.

What we offer?

  • Office job in Moscow or remotely by agreement;
  • The opportunity to become an important member of the team and continue your growth with us;
  • Meritocracy;
  • Training, including: algorithm selection of universities and programs abroad, warm sales, trends in higher education abroad, marketing of educational services.

How to apply?

Send your CV and cover letter explaining why You are interested in this vacancy with us info@educationindex.ru.


What to do?

Cool looking for a SMM specialist to lead and develop our communities in networks. Need a man who knows how to make cool posts and to grow the group through advertising and 'hands' (or rather, head:-)).
We need the experience that the specialist was able to(La) to start work immediately, after a General introduction about our goals, objectives, rules and techniques.

Network and Volume:

  • Facebook, VK, Instagram, G+, Plurk, Twitter
  • Volume: 2-3 posts a day

Work process:

Once a week (every 2 weeks, once people enter into the topic) questions:

  • what about the universities and programs desired positions;
  • what new articles are on the website, to use them for posts;
  • what events need lighting;
  • agree on other topics.

Sources (of inspiration):

  • Educationindex.ru - we publish a lot of useful information for our users.
  • The sites of foreign universities (give list);
  • The news of foreign sites of foreign education, work, youth and student life in the USA, UK, Holland, Canada and Germany (coordinate);
  • Our Bank photos and online discharge;
  • Our YouTube channel.


  • Intelligent, have a broad Outlook and quickly grasp new;
  • Graduated from or studying in a decent University at home or abroad;
  • Have successful experience of management and development of groups in social networks;
  • A talented Creator posts, able to generate exciting headlines and compress thoughts in a short, super-interesting texts;
  • Analytical, know Google Analytics and use the statistics to improve KPIs;
  • Have the skill photo editing;
  • With good English that will enable you to find information on the websites of universities, etc. English sources;
  • Experience studying, living or working abroad – a plus.


  • To develop and implement a plan for the growth of our groups in Facebook and VK;
  • To develop and implement a launch plan and development in Instagram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki and G+;
  • Write and publish posts daily (you can use scheduled posts);
  • To communicate with your audience and increase engagement.


  • Training: introduction to our theme: Higher education abroad, basic SEO, user friendly textual content, Business English, if required;
  • The work can be fully remote or with meetings in the office in Moscow, 1 time per week (more or less frequently as needed);
  • If there is a desire to communicate with our foreign partners will give the opportunity;
  • Potentially this could develop into a full-time job, if we like each other:-).

How to apply?

Send your CV and cover letter explaining why You are interested in this vacancy with us info@educationindex.ru.

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