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Universities in USA

More than 4,000 higher education institutions in the USA today offer training in all available subject areas. It is not surprising that the diversity of American universities attracts students from all over the world.

All universities and colleges are divided into public and private depending on funding sources. Each state has at least one state University, working at the expense of taxpayers of the state. In large States, the number of state universities can be several dozen. The oldest public universities - the University of North Carolina at chapel hill, Rutgers University.

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The cost of studying in America | the Price of education in the United States

Instruction: how to calculate the price of education is through the online calculator on the websites of American universities

Let's consider how to calculate the cost of the program through the online calculator on the example of one of the universities in the USA.

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Cheap universities in USA for foreigners

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Scholarships to study in USA | Grants to study in America

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The education system in the United States

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Programs of USA universities for the most motivated

In the United States, as in many European countries, are gaining more popularity combined programs, the absolute advantage which is saving ...

How many transcripts, or credit hours you need to gain the student of an American University?

The minimum number of academic credit hours for bachelor's degrees, master's.

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How to go to University in the USA (America)

SAT or ACT: which test to take for admission

Common reasons for choosing a particular test might be the following:

UCA - application system in a prestigious US universities

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The ACT assessment for admission to bachelor in the universities of USA and Canada

ACT about the test for admission to US universities: content, duration, cost, how to apply for the test.

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Master's degree in USA

Degree American graduate

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Tests for admission to graduate school USA

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Work in USA for students and graduates

Internships for graduates of universities in the United States

What type of student visa gives the right to practice in USA, how can I stay in USA after my studies in an American University?

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Medical education in the United States

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About universities, colleges and institutes in USA

In some States, in addition to the University system there is a system of colleges - institutions offering vocational training, preparation for admission to American universities and other programs. However, some colleges in the US offer and the full program of the first higher education.

Private universities of America to independently determine the policy of admission and entry requirements – and they're often tougher and more extensive than in the state, the main criteria which are based on academic achievement. The cost of education in private universities in America for foreigners and locals better than the government, but the scholarships they offer more.

Totally free universities and colleges in the USA is even for Americans – but for them the tuition is significantly cheaper than for foreign students and they have enough opportunities to receive financial aid from the University or non-governmental organizations. Foreign students enrolling in American universities, can apply for scholarships to study in USA, which partially or fully cover their costs.

Paradoxically, the fact: the most prestigious US universities - the universities, occupying the highest positions of rankings of US universities may be more accessible for foreigners in price due to a significant scholarship funds. So, tuition fees at Princeton University, starts from $40,000 a year and given the scholarship or grant may be a little less than $7500; in Yale University for the sum of us $44,000 in the same way can be reduced to $5600. Over to count on such attractive options, the student must demonstrate significant previous achievements and high potential.

The cheapest universities in the USA, the cost of training which starts from $7000 offer, as a rule, a little help in financing or offer it at all, but to do them much easier. Read more about how to enroll in universities of the USA, read here. General information about the cost of education in USA is here.

The most famous universities in the US are among the regular winners of the ratings of leading universities of the world. Including such prestigious US universities as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, MIT and others.

Technical colleges USA spetsializiruyutsya, primarily in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and these subject areas in English-language sources call STEM. Recently in the USA there is a growing demand for technical specialists and the level of their payment, why Forbes calls the money spent to pay for their programs, one of the best investments in the coming years.

The most significant number of technical degrees are assigned such US universities as the California Institute of technology, Colorado School of Mines, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Oregon University offers in-demand market program in robotics, space exploration and renewable energy.

The most attractive States for foreign students are new York, California and Texas. The most attractive universities in USA for foreigners, according to U.S. News:

  • Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, with about 50 % foreigners of the total number of students;
  • Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - about 50 % foreigners of the total number of students
  • New York University - 30 % foreigners of the total number of students.

Russian-speaking students choosing the American universities, often aspire to go to universities in new York and Boston.

A great addition to the American diploma will be the opportunity to do an internship in an American company after graduation. In turn, internship and work experience in the US will help to find in the country a permanent job and stay a permanent place of residence.

The US is an incredibly diverse country geographically, so everyone will be able to pick the climate and landscape like. Studies in the American University is a great opportunity to experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere of American society and explore this great and hospitable country.