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7 creative programs DMU, which is worth paying attention to
7 creative programs DMU, which is worth paying attention to
  • 1805

7 creative programs DMU, which is worth paying attention to

De Montfort University is among the universities of the United Kingdom — the software design are taught here from 1897.

Students programs in the field of art and design have the opportunity to present their work to potential employers at major events and exhibitions, including "Art and Design Degree Show", "New Designers", "Ingenious Media", "Free Range" and "GameCity".

Today graduates of recent years are working in leading companies including Agent Provocateur, Dyson, Jaguar Land Rover, Triumph, Burberry, River Island, Adidas, Nokia, Vivienne Westwood, Foster & Partners, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, H&M, Disney Studios and Unisoft.


The focus of the programme is paid to 3D and 2D animation, illustration, conceptual design, composition, and visual effects. The curriculum also includes a professional practice.

Graduates of the program demonstrate outstanding achievements: one of the former students included in the team of artists received the award "Oscar" for the film "the car". Graduates of the program also worked on such blockbusters as "star trek: Infinity", "Wonder woman", "Fantastic beasts and where they live".

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Design shoes

The DMU program "Footwear Design" covers all stages of the complicated process of Shoe design.

Students develop design skills, draw, create illustrations and design details, as well as learn to present their ideas at a professional level. The curriculum includes work with the modern technologies of making footwear. Furthermore, students make their own templates with the help of special equipment, including devices for 3D design.

During the year, the University regularly organizes guest lectures, which were attended by gay West and Liam Fahy. The students undergo training and practice in leading companies in the industry, including Alexander McQueen, Jimmy Choo and Kurt Geiger.

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Product design

The program is ideal for students who already have education or experience in the field of fine art or design and who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of technical and visual aspects of design. Students study the requirements for designing products and furniture from the point of view of functionality and market requirements, including ergonomics, appearance and practicality.

The focus of the course is the language of images, creation of brands, user-oriented design, machine design (CAD), sustainability and the creation of socially responsible products, which, thanks to its technical characteristics, helps to reduce the amount of waste and economical use of energy.

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Graphic design

Students of the program "Graphic Design" at Leicester De Montfort University get necessary work skills through projects in graphic communication. Special attention, at the same time, given imaging, visual perception and problem solving. Internships are also a great opportunity to gain practical and professional experience, a list of host events include GlaxoSmithKline, Jagex Ltd and PepsiCo UK.

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Fine art

Undergraduate extended program "Fine Art BA (Hons)" gives students a great opportunity to try themselves in various art forms, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, engraving, video and installations.

In the first year of training is offered from an impressive range of activities: painting, sculpture, creation of prints, video and photography. The last course completes the exhibition, which is part of DMU's festival "Festival of Creativity".

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Game design

The program "Game Art" helps students discover creativity and unleash the imagination to create whole worlds or complex characters, as well as to develop visual design skills.

The programme is accredited by "Skillset" and is England's only accredited industry course in this area.

During the three years of study, students consider in detail the following three topics: the creation of games, visual design and philosophy of video games.

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Interior design

In the learning process, students work on restoration projects and modifications to existing buildings and sites, including the conversion of former commercial centres in café-bars and living spaces. Among other possible projects include the conversion of trading platforms and exhibitions. Students develop skills in drawing, 3D modeling, work on the computer and create video models.

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Master program "Business Management in the Creative Industries MSc" is ideal for applicants with education or experience in the field of design, visual arts, media, development, technology, gaming, film or other creative industries, and who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of business.

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