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The cost of studying at Oxford

Students who studied for 3 years in high school or College in the UK or in one of the countries of the European Union pay tuition at the University of Oxford on the "home" tariff - the same as citizens of the UK are about £9000 per year.

For foreign students, Oxford University the annual tuition fee depends on the chosen program and the faculty and ranges from £15295 - £22515 per year - the price of 2016-2017 years.

Tuition fees for programs of clinical medicine at Oxford is significantly higher than the rate shown above.

Examples of cost of training programme-Oxford University

Sample program The cost per year, £
Mathematics (BA) £19,357
Preclinical Medicine (BMBCH) £21,307
Computer Science (BA) £18,550

In addition to tuition fees international students also pay an annual fee for membership in the College of Oxford. The College fee is around £7000 per year.

The amount required to stay in Oxford is around £9000 per year.

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