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Tuition fees for master programs in UK

British universities independently establish the cost of training for two types of students: for students from the UK and member countries of the European Union - “home fee” for foreign students (all other countries) “overseas fee”. Russian students fall into the latter category.

The average annual tuition cost in British pounds in postgraduate programs in British universities for foreign students (from countries not members of the European Union) is:

The type of training Training Academic rese. MBA
Classroom training 7,000-11,000 9,200-10,500 10,500-20,000
Laboratory equipment.. training 10,300-14,000 10,400-13,000 n/a
Dokliniceski. medicine 13,000-19,000 12,800-13,500 n/a
Clinical medicine 19,000-25,000 23,000-25,000 n/a
The clinically. dentistry 22,000-27,000 22,000-24,000 n/a

It is important to note that these figures are indicative only and we advise You when choosing a program to clarify the value of learning on the University's website.

It is also important to keep in mind that tuition is only part of Your mandatory spending that also will include:

  • Payment of the College (if the institution provides accommodation in College – such as in Oxford or Cambridge),
  • Payment of accommodation, meals and other daily expenses (the expenses per year will be roughly £13,300).

Finding funding training is the responsibility of the applicant. About the various sources of additional funding, grant and scholarship programsopen for students from Russia, read here.

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