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Funding for training

Finding funding training is the responsibility of the applicant and is a task no less difficult than the entrance test. The application for scholarships you need to prepare in advance because many universities require proof of ability to Finance tuition and living expenses. A number of universities and faculties provide scholarships, applications for which occurs automatically with the application for the program.

The full cost includes the following types of expenditures (the first two types of which are fixed):

  • Tuition at the University
  • Payment of accommodation, meals and other daily expenses (in the 2009/2010 academic year student expenses in the year amounted to £11,500 – 13,300).
  • Payment of College in the University system colleges.

The cost of education for citizens of the Russian Federation can be found in the section “Overseas” on the University website.

The average annual tuition fees for postgraduate programs in British universities for foreign students (from countries not members of the European Union) ranges from £10,000-12,000 on the educational and research programs to more than £20,000 for research programmes in the field of clinical medicine and programs DВА.

Information about scholarships for PhD students can be found here.

As additional/alternative funding sources You can use Bank loans and/or part-time work – by agreement with Your supervisor (e.g., teaching, research or administrative activities in the University).

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