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How to choose a program at the University of British

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Programs British universities range from courses with the passage of the working practice or training in another country, a program where the student can independently choose the subjects and courses which a large part of study is conducted independently.

Below are the main criteria for selecting programmes of the universities of great Britain, knowledge which will help you to find the course that best suits you.

If you plan to study at a British University after school at home, you first need to do a one-year International Foundation course or 2-year A-levels, with a certificate which you can enroll for a three-year undergraduate British University.

For admission to graduate you need to have a bachelor's degree or specialist higher education institution at home or abroad.

CRITERION 1: the Modules and the flexibility of the program

Modules - is the content – what the student learns in the course. In British universities, with a large degree of freedom in their curricula, programs having the same name may differ substantially from one another. For example, master programs International Relations in York and International Relations at Surrey universities look like almost different courses, so significantly different to their content.

In addition, some programs universities in the UK offer students the freedom of choice not only of subjects but also methods of study and even the timing of the exams. Other programs of British universities will give their students a flexible schedule, which will be marked with the subjects required to study, clearly indicated the dates of exams and determines methods of study.

Which is closer to you?

  • Examine the content you are interested in the program. The search programs of universities UK will help you find a program and study its contents.
  • Ask clarifying questions to the representatives of universities on the pages of UK universities. The University staff will be glad to answer your questions and help you with choosing the program.
  • If you need help, let us work at finding great program of the British institution for you, ordering a selection of individual programs.

CRITERION 2: the practice

More than 60% of our users says that getting internships during and after graduation - one of the key indicators of the choice of course for study abroad for them.

To check whether the program of the British school to provide you with the desired practice in the following way:

Come to the program with a mandatory practice

At the first summit in Britain, there are programs called sandwich, “layers”, which are study and practice.

Most often it is: 2 years of study + 1 year practice + 1 year of study. In graduate programs is mandatory, most 6-month, practice.

Make sure that the teachers of the course - the practice

Study at the teacher-practice can help you gain not only practical knowledge but also training. Please check in the universities, who will teach you what these teachers experience.

To know what practical projects do students

Coursework and thesis project made in the real sector can help the student to gain practical experience, and sometimes future employment. What projects students programs that interest you? Similar projects are interesting to you?

Query on the pages of the British universities information about how they will help you gain practical experience. Investing more than £10,000 for a year of study at a British University, find out what they have, all that matters to you!

The responsibilities of staff in British universities consist of answers to questions of Russian-speaking students. So if you need practice, ask a British University, you are interested in how the program to which you plan to do will help you to gain this practice.

CRITERION 3: admission requirements and complexity of the study

If you go to a program with high entrance requirements, be prepared for the fact that the study will also be very demanding. If your level of English proficiency is not high enough, the examinations can be difficult, especially in the 1st semester.

We always support those who strive to achieve high and go to the most highly rated University, with an account of their performance and budget. At the same time each year, we solved the complexity of the Russian-speaking students who are unable to cope with the session, failed to advance to the next course of a British University.


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