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The cost and duration of training in Cambridge for master's degree

In addition to the payment of the cost of the course, You must certify the ability to pay a mandatory membership in the College (around £2,500 per year), as well as their stay in the UK (around £11,000 per year).

An example of program costs for students from Russia and other CIS countries

The cost of education for citizens of the CIS varies from course to course, but basically it is one of the three amounts shown below. Prices are as of the 2013-14 year.

Examples of programs

The cost per year, £

History, architecture


Right, chemistry and biotechology


Clinical science


The duration of master's programmes in Cambridge

Most of the master programmes of Cambridge last for one academic year - 9-12 months:

  • LLM –Master of law;
  • MFin: Master of Finance;
  • MBA – Master of business administration;
  • MMus – Master of music;
  • EMBA - Master of business administration for rocodile executives;
  • MEd – Master of pedagogy.

With the exception of programs such as MSt – Master of studies, two-year part-time program; MPhil – Master of philosophy, can last year and two years.

>> Scholarships of the University of Cambridge for students from the CIS countries coming for graduate programs

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