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Scholarships UK universities

In recent years, the number of scholarships and grants offered by the British universities for the Russians and CIS citizens, has decreased significantly more honorable to become the owner of one of them. Free higher education in the UK does not exist, but we will tell you how to get a scholarship or grant to study in UK for free or with great discount — read carefully!

To apply for a scholarship on a competitive basis after admission to the University. It is necessary to prepare a strong application, the most important part of which will be a motivation letter. You have to compete with those who, like you, the University is already recognized as the best, so not worth the risk: contact our consultants.

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Useful, about scholarships and grants in England

What scholarships for students from Russia and the CIS have in Britain

Students can apply not only to your University, but in other organizations, that is to obtain and use grants. Control over the expenditure of funds simply, so to spend money for any purpose, except those that were specified in the conditions of the scholarship, will not work.

Government scholarship program

The largest program of grants and scholarships are instituted by the governments of the countries interested in the development of international education. To apply for these scholarships can masters, postgraduates, young scientists and research teams. state assistance programs for bachelors, unfortunately, is not, and to seek funding need in the University or in the form of sponsorship.

The Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship is one of the most prestigious postgraduate scholarships in the UK. Established by the UK government in partnership with British organizations, foreign governments and private companies. Read more about participation in competition on receiving the Chevening Scholarship.

Global education for Russian citizens

The Russians admitted to the program graduate, postgraduate and residency at leading British universities from the list of the scholarship program “Global education” may qualify for 100% coverage tuition and accommodation. Mandatory condition — to return to Russia after graduation and work for at least three years in one of the cities in the country. Read more about Global education.

Bolashak for citizens of Kazakhstan

Scholarship “Bolashak” program allows graduate students and post-graduate education received in the best universities of Britain and the world, to obtain full funding from the state budget. Upon completion of the education necessary to return to the country and work with the specialty from three to five years. More information about the program “Bolashak” is here.

Scholarships and grants British universities for bachelors, masters and PhD students

Scholarships and grants in UK universities is another important source of funding. The higher the level of education, the more options for financial aid offered to students. For future scientists scholarships offer more than for specialists.

How to get a grant for undergraduate in the UK and is it real? A grant differs from a scholarship that is given to conduct research from the level of the magistracy, therefore, grants for bachelors does not exist. Scholarships for bachelors there, but it is rare. For example, a unique scholarship at Aston University. To obtain such a scholarship is not easy, but it is worth the effort!

Future masters the most scholarships offered to students in research programs. Graduate students have the largest selection; virtually grants in the UK are intended to conduct specific research. You need to look at universities for your profile and in the profile of non-profit and commercial organizations.

Major scholarships UK universities

British universities are offering scholarships and grants, see below:

100% scholarship Oxford Brookes University for graduate students

Students who have successfully passed the selection in the Oxford Brookes University for the master program "MA International Relations" or "MA International Security" can compete for one of three scholarships that completely cover training costs. Read more about conditions of participation in the contest.

Full scholarship Leicester Castle Business School University DMU for students from Russia

Scholarship Leicester Business School Castle, completely covering the cost of training in a magistracy or postgraduate study, will be given to one outstanding student from Russia. Details about participation in the contest here.

Scholarships Aston University

Several unique scholarship programs for undergraduate and MBA offers students from Russia Aston University. Cases of financing universities with both types of programs are rare. Don't miss the opportunity! Read more here.

Scholarships Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London is widely known outside the UK for an excellent quality of teaching: it is in the TOP 100 universities in the world by the level and depth of research, from its walls came by 7 Nobel laureates. Read more about scholarships at Queen Mary University of London.

How to find a scholarship to a British University

A selection of the best scholarships at British universities, with the largest coverage, look at our website. And be sure to subscribe to the newsletter Educationindex to regularly receive information on the best scholarships for Russians and students from the CIS countries.

How to get a scholarship or win a grant from a British University

Scholarships are granted on a competitive basis, and they may get outstanding candidates.

To receive the scholarship or grant will need to be done, comparable to preparation of an application for admission. You have to try to convince the University that you are the most unique, talented and the most worthy candidate, whom the University is looking for.

A very important role for the approval of the scholarship application, the University plays a motivational letter. If it is made weak, the student may be denied, even in spite of outstanding achievements. Schedule a free consultationto find out all the details and to help in drafting compelling applications for admission and scholarship.