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Where is Dundee, or why you should come to study in Scotland

Most students planning teaching in universities in the UK, choosing a University, first of all consider the educational institutions of London. There are a lot of reasons. However, I recommend You not to limit yourself in choosing to pay attention to other cities in the UK. After all, being a bit further away from the British capital, You will have the unique opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural diversity of the United Kingdom and to see the "non-tourist" to the UK.

For example, selecting Dundee, You 'll discover the majestic and noble Scotland and will not regret. Not to mention the fact that You'll be able to save on the cost of tuition and living expenses.

Dundee is a real jewel of Central Scotland and the fourth largest city in the country, nestled on the beautiful Eastern coast of the island of Britain. The city is famous for the friendliness of the locals and represents the best that the world has to offer Scotland: noisy pubs with endless varieties of whiskey are recognizable-the medieval architecture of the old town and the shrill sounds of the bagpipes. In addition, it is also very close to Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as to the breathtaking beauty of national parks in Scotland.

Dundee is a scientific cultural centre, a glorious academic traditions which are inextricably linked with the prestigious University of Dundee. In 2014, the first city in the UK has received from UNESCO the status of "City of design" for diverse contributions to the development of world visual culture.

We remind you that our reputation and quality of training of students of the University of Dundee is included in the recommended list of educational institutions in the framework of the scholarship program "Global education" (for Russian citizens).

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