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The process of admission to the masters of the University of Cambridge

The deadline for application to master's of Cambridge

The academic year at Cambridge University, begins on October 1. The application process opens on the 1st of September, in the year before admission. Each course has its closing date of receipt of applications, usually 3 months before the start of classes.

The most effective method of application in electronic form. After submitting your application electronically You will receive access to a personal online account where You will need to upload all additional documents within the deadline defined by the program. Remember that Your CV will not be considered until all required documents are uploaded into the system of the University.

In the case of a positive decision You will receive an offer of admission: as a rule, this "Conditional offer" specifying additional documents that must be present for at least 2 months before the start of training.

You can also submit an application in paper form, but the process will take longer and will cost more (£100 instead of £50 for the 2013-th year).

Stages of admission to the magistracy of Cambridge

Admission to the University of Cambridge starts with filling out the application (GRADSAF), which includes a motivation letter. In the application You may specify two collegesto which you want to do.

Within 30 hours after sending the application You will receive a password to your personal account, and Your references to his own, where they can provide You with recommendations. With the help of a personal account, You upload the necessary documents and the application is filed. Information about Finance and knowledge of the English language can be attached directly or after receiving a conditional invitation to study.

The admissions Committee of the program considers Your profile and either sends a rejection letter, or recommends for adoption.

If You liked the faculty, Your documents are sent to the College. Your application can bypass up to 5 collegesbefore being accepted as one of them. About getting a place You will be notified with a separate letter; this information will also appear in Your personal account.

If You have indicated in the application that you wish to qualify for University scholarships, Your application is sent in their scholarship selection Committee.

If the invitation is conditional, then You likely will need over the next few months to confirm the completion of University, knowledge of English and availability of funds.

The choice of College at the University of Cambridge

In the University of Cambridge's 31 colleges, and when you select one of them for undergraduates can be important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The financial condition of the College depends on the cost of accommodation and meals in dormitory, sponsoring field research and conferences, and scholarships.
  2. Living conditions – the location in the city, state and availability of hostels.
  3. Social life and support – you can choose a College that accepts people mostly certain specialties, age or gender; for Example, there are several exclusively women's colleges.
  4. The prestige – sometimes the prestige of the College may play a status role, but should take into account the higher requirements of these colleges.
  5. Other conditions – for example, if You plan to bring your family or children, you should find out which colleges provide the maximum for this support.

How long will it take admission to Magistratura Cambridge?

The process of consideration of an application for admission to the University of Cambridge may take several months, as after careful consideration by the faculty she gets into a University-wide Committee, and then passed to colleges. The definition of College may take a long time, but conditional invitation to guarantee a seat in one of them.

Usually, if You apply in the fall, then the conditional invitation can get in the spring, and the final – in the middle of summer.

When should I begin to prepare for admission to the master's of Cambridge?

If the application is a matter of one to two hours, writing a motivation letter, and finding references should be given at least a month. This is a very important part of Your application – that will allow the admissions Committee to see Your personality and distinguish You among other applicants.

The application better to apply for the master program of the Cambridge as early as possible. First, a place on the course are filled according to the traditional English principle of "first came – first served" and can be distributed before the official closing date of receiving applications. Secondly, the same principle use of the scholarship funds and applications are transferred to them after Your admission to the school. Thirdly, the visa may take unpredictably long time, and it is better to start to gather documents in advance.

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