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A student from Saratov talks about studying at the University of East Anglia
A student from Saratov talks about studying at the University of East Anglia
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A student from Saratov talks about studying at the University of East Anglia

Hello, Eva! Please, tell us a little about yourself. Why did you decide to get higher education in the UK?

Good day! I was born and went to school in Saratov. Thought about getting an education abroad when I realized that I wanted to study History of Art. The main disadvantage in the manner of teaching of art, like many other humanitarian Sciences in Russia is that students are inclined to memorization of information, and I wanted to learn how to do independent research, wanted to have the opportunity to be able to discover any something new, thus developing their individual view of art. Overall, I believe that England is a country, which contributes to the formation of personality and in my opinion, this is important.

What was important when choosing a school and why did you decide to enroll in the University of East Anglia?

It's simple — I was looking at the syllabus and student reviews. UEA impressed me both, so I had no doubt.

What program are you studying and what are your impressions? Is it difficult to learn? What are the most favorite items?

I study Art History with deepening in the study of the structure of Museums and Galleries. I really like it, because prior to training in the University, I had very conservative views on art, but here my views have expanded, because I had the opportunity to study a wide range of modules, ranging from art in the Amazon, which previously I knew nothing and even could not imagine that it could be so interesting, and ending with modules in classical styles in art, for example, Gothic.

Norwich entered the list of "Best places to live in the UK to 2018" drawn up by the newspaper The Times and The Sunday Times. What are your impressions of Norwich?

Norwich is a very friendly city, which I think is very important. Here I feel safe and not afraid to go in the evening alone. At the same time, in Norwich beautiful architecture, especially in the center of the city, and the city is located near the beach, where I often went in the summer. Also, there is rich student life, but at the same time, the city planned so that those who want to be away from noisy parties, can always find yourself a house, and remain in the center.

Free time, of course, very little, but still: is it possible to enjoy student life? What do you do in your spare time?

Free time I always spend in different ways: meeting with friends on weekends or Fridays we often go to the English pubs, which are a mixture of restaurant, bar and night club, go to the cinema or attend events organized by student clubs. For example, I go salsa dancing with my friends, and we often organize a variety of activities: going to different places and dance, communicate.

Share please, the most striking impression during the years of studying at UEA

Most fond memories of evenings spent with my friends. No matter what we do, but if we are together, we always feel good and every night getting new most vivid recollection.

Thank you very much for the interview! What advice would you give for our readers? (approx. those who only selects between the UK and other countries, and between UEA and other universities).

Thank you for such interesting questions!

Those who choose between the UK and other countries, I would say one important point in favor of great Britain: here, you will not feel like a stranger. This country is diverse and full of people from all over the world and mostly all the people here quick to find “the real you”.

About UEA, I want to mention something else - UEA provides a more safe and comfortable environment for each student that helps students to be in harmony with yourself and open up in new ways, find new Hobbies, develop new ambitions and to meet interesting people.

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