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Alena about studying at Goldsmiths, University of London
Alena about studying at Goldsmiths, University of London
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Alena about studying at Goldsmiths, University of London

EI: hi! Tell us a little about yourself. How is it that you were in England?

Hello, my name is Alena Fedotova. I am 23 years old. He studied at the "Higher school of Economics", faculty of communications, media and design. The diploma was written in English, as they planned to continue their education abroad. I wanted to look at another system and get to experience life in another culture. Within two years after graduation, I worked independently preparing for IELTS, participated in the research in the field of Media Studies, and c September 2017 in graduate school at the University of London Goldsmiths.

EI: In what year were you admitted to Goldsmiths? It is the first choice, or you were somewhere else? Why this University?

In the fall of 2016 I filled out the application form on the website of Goldsmiths and a week before the New year received a letter that I was accepted. Replacement options I have, of course, was; but when said of Goldsmiths, they are just gone. I was attracted to this University that in the ratings in the direction of the MA Media & Communications , he is in the top ten among the world's higher education institutions. Furthermore, I play an important role cultural diversity, inclusiveness and equality – the same principles hold in the University.

EI: How did you enter University? Tell us about your experience.

In addition to the high score in a language exam IELTS, it is necessary to write a good cover letter and accompany it with several recommendations in English, which will allow us to evaluate your potential. For scholarships of the University requirements are about the same. I applied to several, eventually received a Goldsmiths International Scholarship. Then from other students I learned about Chevening scholarships. I regret not having tried to submit to it.

EI: what program are you studying? What are your impressions of the program? Do you have a favorite subject, teacher?

Study on the MA Media & Communications. Although I knew on what specialty you go and were already familiar with many classical works, it was still unusual to read academic texts in English in such large quantities. Every week the amount of only the required literature was 700-1000 pages, not to mention additional materials. But it is necessary to understand lectures, where lecturers summarize the theory and complement their examples. The seminars also discussed the material read, but among students.

At Goldsmiths are taught by leading theorists and best practice. Among his teachers want to highlight the Professor of journalism Angela Phillips, who for more than 30 years wrote for the Guardian, Observer and Independent, as well as teaches the theory movie writer and screenwriter Philip Palmer. He turns his lectures into a small representation, alternating theory and excerpts from the film with questions to the audience. Also, I try to attend extra-curricular activities. For example, recently to the students of the faculty was made by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who is looking for young journalists for a new project WikiTribune.

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EI: Who is studying with you? A lot of foreigners, Russian-speaking students? Were you able to have close friends, and who they are – Russian-speaking foreigners, the British? With whom it is easier to find a common language?

The majority of students are Chinese. A lot of guys from former British colonies, North and South America. There are students from Europe and the CIS. In my program there is no Russian, but I think in Goldsmiths 20-30 native speakers of Russian will be typed.

The University encourages international communication, but usually close friends be on the principle of a common language: Russian with the Russians and the Germans with the Germans. I often communicate with your roommate – English, Brazilian and Argentine, also thanks to the student clubs I had a few friends-the British.

EI: Tell us a bit about London. What are the pros and cons I see for myself? Easy to find accommodation, part time, full is the student life?

London is insanely expensive city. While familiar to local prices English a few nights a week to spend in pubs, foreign students exchanged addresses budget markets, shops and links to the free options of leisure.

Students from creative departments learn about cheap tickets for musicals or theatre performances. When Goldsmiths works budget cinema, where among other things, show films of the students themselves. Play in these movies the students of the University. However, to indulge in the campaigns for the mass Hollywood movies I can't. On a student discount and on weekdays, the cheapest tickets are 5-8 pounds.

Within walking distance of the campus has a hostel. I live in it to save on travel. But many students prefer to save it on housing, how to rent an apartment in town at a better price.

Every two weeks, the University held a job fair where students can find a job, buy a degree and with a flexible schedule, to be able to combine with classes. But now I only focus on school.

EI: What are your plans after graduation? Where would you like to live and work in the future – in England, at home or somewhere else?

I dream to work in Russia and foreign education for me is a springboard in the career of the journalist and mediaelements in his native country. Besides, I believe that for projects that are created with the help of the Internet, borders are no longer as important as before.

EI: Thank you, Alan, for the interview! What would you like to say in closing to our readers?

If there is a fuse and a decent level of English – be sure to go to study abroad. It is an unforgettable experience that greatly changes the Outlook on life. For example, I was surprised that many students of Goldsmiths are the Communist parties. After talking with them, I changed my bias towards this ideology. By the way, thanks to student protests-Communists, the price of training in our University this year were reduced.

And most importantly ‒ do not select a program at random, read the information about the University and the faculty to understand that you will cope with the training and enter the local atmosphere. Be ready that education is work.

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