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Motivation letter to the University

Motivation letter or Motivational essay to the University, also known as Personal statement, is an essay of the student, the average length is usually between 500 and 1500 words. Motivation Letter is designed to convince the Admissions Committee of the author's willingness to study for the selected program.

Usually in the Motivation letter the student determines their career goals, talks about their strengths, and describes how the program they apply for will help them to realize the goals.

Samples of Motivation letters to the University

Buy examples of Motivation letters in English and Russian written by our students enrolled in universities in the UK, USA and Holland here. More than 20 Motivational letters on various subjects are available at our website in PDF format.

Example motivational essays to master's degree for management (PDF file)

How to write a Motivation letter to the University?

A step-by-step plan of independent work on a motivational essay is developed based on the experience of more than 100 students enrolled in foreign universities in 2010 - 2016. Description of the major errors in the motivation letters of the students might also be helpful in preparation of your own Motivation letter.

How important is a Motivation letter for Admission?

Many foreign universities give crucial role to applicant's Motivation letter, while other schools give this document to a lower value. Since it is unknown how Motivation letter will be considered in your application, it is better to carefully approach the writing of your essay.
Motivation letter is especially important:

- For admission to a top University or highly competitive program

- For students whose GPA is below the requirements of the University

- For students, changing the subject specialization.

Secretary of the Admissions Committee of the University of Warwick said: “in the cases of the highly selective programs only Motivation letters help to identify the most prepared and suitable for the programs students of all the candidates”.

If academic performance of a student is below the requirements of the University, the Admissions Committee usually examines the Motivation letter of a student to determine whether they have interests, experience and required skills that will help them to successfully attend the course, despite the lower academic performance.
In most cases applicants are not interviewed for admission in foreign universities and therefore, Motivation letter to the University is often the only opportunity to provide the Admissions Committee with additional arguments in your favor, to prove that you are worthy of a place in their school.
Perhaps your Motivation letter to the University will be only document that a representative of the Admissions Committee will receive before making a decision about your acceptance.

Make an effort to its development!

>> Assistance in the preparation of Motivation letter

Copying text Motivation letter, drafted by another student can be detected by the Admissions Committee of the University, which will lead to the refusal of your application by the Admissions Committee.

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