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Architectural education in the UK

Qualified architect in the UK and combines academic education and professional experience, and receive it takes a minimum of seven years. Academic knowledge can be accessed in one of the 40 architectural University faculties, offering a wide range of programmes and modules in the architecture. At the same time entering you need to ensure that educational programs have been tested to the Royal Institute of British architects (Royal Institute of British Architects - RIBA).

A sign of quality

RIBA is the professional organisation of British architects. Its active members are 44000 people. Its major functions include oversight of:

  • quality future architects of education
  • the passage of manufacturing practices,
  • continuous enhancement of their professional level.
RIBA is a sign of quality safety and instrument for the development of modern British architectural thought to have a significant impact on the entire global architecture.

Every 4 years RIBA conducts inspections of universities is their ranking of the best faculties and programs, so the choice of University, applicants have to compare them yourself. Aid may be from public sources of information, such as ratings of editions of the Guardian or The Independent, materials journals Architects Journal or Building Design.

Review entrance requirements

Though a uniform entrance requirements does not exist, most admissions committees faculty of architecture note that the applicant must demonstrate:

  • creativity and achievement (in the areas of art, computer graphics, 3D modeling, etc.);
  • good knowledge of mathematics;
  • good command of the English language;
  • portfolio, which is discussed during the admissions interview.

The qualification process

Only successful completion of the faculty of architecture is not enough to get qualification of the architect and the opportunity to work in this post. RIBA breaks qualifying process in 3 stages.

Phase 1: a 3-year training in the University on the programme level undergraduate degree bachelor BA/BSc; learning the basics of the architectural business and the formation of important professional skills; membership of RIBA from the 1st year of training; paid annual training course. During the first stage, the trainee should mark their achievements on the website "Record of professional practice and development" (PEDR). Interns supervised by the faculty teacher and the representative provided an architectural company.

Phase 2: further 2-year training in his or another University at the program level graduate (it is believed that students continue their studies on higher ground) with assignment professional degree BArch/MArch; receive in-depth more specialized knowledge and skills working on projects, getting work experience with a degree, at least, 1 year.

Step 3: continuing education for RIBA accredited programme with the purpose of studying the practical aspects related to the architectural management and law; submission of written and oral qualifying examinations; registration with the registration Board of architects (Architects Registration Board - ARB); the application for a license RIBA (optional).

To continue his studies with a degree in the UK, foreign students holding a diploma about the first higher architectural education, are certified ARB for compliance with the current qualification Stages 1,2.

Professional awards

Activities of RIBA is not confined only to the processes of education and training. Royal Institute of British architects annually determines the best professionals in their field and awards a few world famous architectural awards. Among them the Stirling prize (Stirling Prize) for best new building of the year, Royal gold medal (Royal Gold Medal) marking the amount of the created architectural works award Steven Lawrence for the best facilities with funding of less than 500,000 pounds, as well as national, European and international awards, awarded to the best architects in the world.

Among awarded RIBA is our compatriot. This is Andrew Saltikov, a graduate of the Moscow architectural Institute and architectural faculty of them. Bartlett , University College London, now working at Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners (RSHP).

Find the programs for the qualification of architect.

Source: Royal Institute of British Architects

9 Dec 2010

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