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Sending online applications to UK universities through UCAS

System UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) helps students find suitable programs for studying in the UK universities and to apply to the desired universities.

UCAS was created in 1961, when, by the decision of the leading educational institutions in the UK, was formed by the centralized application system in most universities and colleges use standardized forms.

A computer database contains all of the UCAS curriculum and requirements for admission to them. Students register on the service website, fill out a standard online application, and the system selects the appropriate program. In addition, through UCAS you can apply the so-called personal statement – motivation letter with a justification why the applicant should study at their chosen University. The provision of the personal statement required by most admissions officers from leading universities.

During the year, students can apply via UCAS application form not more than 5 universities or not more than 5 different training programs. For programmes beginning in September 2017 the deadline for the submission of applications until the beginning of July 2017. Now you can also fill out a form to enroll in 2018-2019.

The first deadline for submission of applications – January. If the applicant has not received the proposals of the universities on admission, he can use UCAS Extra service, available from February to July. If the proposals are not in these terms, then the student registers for the service Clearing, which is open from the date of announcement of the results of A‐level. Page published Clearing the remaining vacancies for admission, and if something fits, it is necessary to apply directly to the University. This is the last chance to enroll in the current academic year.

A few facts about UCAS:

● UCAS, a non – governmental and nonprofit organization;

● In 2014, the service handled approximately 3 million applications for admission to the bachelor program from the British and foreign students;

● In 2014, 512 thousand students were enrolled in 308 via UCAS universities UK.

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