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Preparation courses in foreign universities

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Preparation courses in foreign universities

Before entering a foreign University after school at your home country, many students undergo a training program. However, it is worth knowing that the preparation for a bachelor's degree program is mandatory for admission to universities in the UK, it is not formally required for admission to universities in the United States and many other countries, and preparation for the master's degree programs is not mandatory in all countries.

The main advantage of the preparatory programs is that the entrance requirements for English and average scores are lower than for direct admission to bachelor's or master's degree abroad, which not only facilitates admission, but also gives the best chance to go to a high-ranking University.

International Foundation courses before taking the Bachelor degree programs in foreign universities help foreign students to get used to a new country and adapt to its educational system, improve the level of English and acquire new skills required for successful study in a foreign University.

In addition, these programs provide an opportunity to improve academic performance, for those who need it, and make the final choice of specialty to study at the undergraduate level.


Pre-Masters courses preparing for the Master's degree programs at a foreign University, as well as training programs for the first higher education, help foreign students to get used to the new academic environment.

These programs especially help to the students who want to study in a master's degree specialty different from which was studied at the Bachelor level, and also those whose progress on a bachelor's degree is lower than level of entrance requirements of the master's program.


Education Index specialists will be happy to assist you in applying for training programs in English-speaking universities of the world. We will help you to choose the appropriate programs and universities, collect the necessary documents, make motivational and recommendation letters, send them to universities and get their positive answers.

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