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For King's College London London is an online school
For King's College London London is an online school
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For King's College London London is an online school

Training strategy at King's College London is based on the desire of the University to maximize use of the educational potential of London, seeing it as an interactive school. Today the University is actively pursuing this direction in required and optional classes.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Module of the program "Liberal Arts" under the title "Lives of London" is an interdisciplinary journey from the past to the present in London. In small groups the students conducted their own investigation into a specific aspect of city life through fun lectures, seminars and excursions.
  • Institute of Dentistry of the University actively participates in an affiliate program "Clinical and scientific research for dental students". To develop skills of observation and attention to detail, students will visit London, the Courtauld Institute of art, and then discuss differences of interpretations and the problem of differences in perception.
  • For the fifth consecutive year the contest "King's Cultural Challenge" brings together students and a range of innovative and prestigious cultural organizations in London, including the Roundhouse and Southbank Centre.
  • Legal clinic, king's College, operating on the basis of School law. Dickson POON, helps students learn to use theoretical knowledge in practice with the support of leading lawyers-partners of the faculty.

The location of the University in London opens before the students additional educational perspective, but also allows you to make professional acquaintances, is extremely important for my future career. Award of the University, "King's Experience London Award" is designed to motivate and encourage students for participation in the life of the local community, through volunteering work in local schools, study the community. Want to study at King's College London? Choose a program at KCL and ask questions directly to the representative of the University!

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