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What is Clearing and how to use it?

On 5 July on the UCAS website offers access to Clearing service that helps you find free places in schools for those applicants who do not pass the competition.

Today, most students apply for admission to UK universities using the UCAS computer system. It is convenient, as it allows one time to populate an online form on the service website and send applications to several universities.

At UCAS there is a useful option Clearing designed for those students who failed to receive an offer of enrollment by the deadline or which are not scored required for admission scores for A-levels or GCSE.

What is Clearing?

The deadline for applications to UK universities through the UCAS system – June 30, 2017. To 4 July, the universities sent the proposal submitted applications to students. This is still conditional sentences – they will become final when 17 Aug 2017 – in Results Day results will be announced on the exams of A-levels and it will become clear whether the applicant according to the requirements of the University.

However, not all applicants who submitted an application through UCAS, you will get to July 4, a candidate may not meet the criteria of the University. In turn, the University has sent a proposal may not suit the applicant. And, of course, even if the entering the University, the results of A-levels announced in mid-August may not be sufficient for admission.

In this case, you should use "plan B" option in UCAS Clearing, which serves all the remaining free at universities in various training programs.

Time Clearing

The service is available from 5 July 2017 and will be open until 20 September. The majority of vacancies appears after Results Day – August 17, 2017, but at the same time the maximum service demand and University places going fast.

How to use the service?

To use the option of Clearing only when the feature Track in UCASproving status of applicant in the system will indicate "You are in Clearing" or "Clearing has started". It is important to remember that if the entering the University, but the results of A-levels on August 18 slightly below the requirements for admission, the status of the applicant in the system can be changed to Clearing for several days. This means that the University is still considering the application. In this case it makes sense to call the admissions office and clarify the situation. We must be prepared for a short interview, as any additional information can tip the scales in favor of admission.

If the applicant has not received proposals until July 5, he can immediately begin to search for jobs through the Clearing, but the final decision on admission will be taken, when it will provide the results of the exams of A-levels.

What if You found a Clearing in the right program?

In this case, you must immediately ring the University until vacancy left. At hand, you must have the following information:

  • Clearing number (number in the system Clearing) is specified in a function in UCAS Track,
  • Personal ID (personal identification code received in the system),
  • Exam results A-levels or GCSE (if available).

Members of the selection Committee may ask applicants to pass a phone interview for a decision. It is necessary to prepare in advance.

British universities participating in the clearing

In a long list of universities participating in the program of the secondary set, along with the other includes:

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