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Successful start-UPS of students and graduates of King's College London
Successful start-UPS of students and graduates of King's College London
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Successful start-UPS of students and graduates of King's College London

The objective of the Enterprise Institute at king's College (King's Entrepreneurship Institute) — to develop entrepreneurial skills and thinking in students, staff and alumni of King's College London. Institute staff help to build a career entrepreneur and to start their own business in innovation or social sphere, and learn to use innovation for the development of the current career. Program participants are more active in the workplace, bring your business entrepreneurial and innovative methods and ideas.

Entrepreneurial thinking helps together to solve problems on the way to a better society. According to the creators of the project by 2029, the year all students and staff of the Royal College of London will have the opportunity to unleash their entrepreneurial potential.

Here is an overview of several startups and organizations created, thanks to the support of the Institute and has already begun to change life in London:
German Kraft

German company Kraft considers its mission the creation of quality and fresh beer for connoisseurs of this drink. The company was founded by Michel Tyagi (graduates of the program "BSc Business Management" 2014-th year) in conjunction with partners. At the time of launch in late 2017, the first year the business managed to raise over£ 100 thousand investment and sign agreements on implementation of two major grocery chains.
Beau Nuage

If you live in London, then at any time can say: "Soon the rain will come" — and you're right. Even in the height of summer, when the inhabitants of other European countries bathe in the rays of the sun, the fact remains. Graduates of 2013 year Antoine Gros (programme "Mathematics") and Aurelien Rinaldi (the program "Mathematics with Management and Finance") decided to benefit from this consistency. Friends have created a brand of innovative accessories Beau Nuage. In September 2016, after two years of continuous work, night discussions and the rejection of dozens of prototypes, we finally created the first umbrella Beau Nuage with quick-drying coating. Today accessories brand is sold in more than 100 stores across Europe.
Regal Gentleman

Participation in the entrepreneurship program involves not only students and alumni. Fellow Royal College Josh Blackburn has also received the support of the Institute while creating a line of products for grooming for men Regal Gentleman.

According to Josh, the market is not enough natural and organic body care products for men, as information about how to monitor their appearance. That is why Regal Gentleman offers a range of products for hair, based on natural extracts, and in the total absence of parabens and artificial dyes. The products and philosophy of the brand is already gaining recognition in the industry, today the company has more than 1,500 partners. In addition, the largest men's lifestyle magazines, including GQ magazine, Men's Health and Esquire have dedicated contributions to the success of the brand.
Attollo Lingerie

Another company that successfully found their niche in the market, it is Attollo Lingerie, founded by Alice Holden and Fleurette Mulcahy (graduate programs Geography 2014-year) during the study at the University.

Girls United the challenge of finding beautiful clothes for curvy women. The founder of the business said that the support of the Institute and the faculty was one of the key success factors. Today about the success of the brand told Vogue and Tatler.
Through careful planning and hard work, the Florette and Alice turned the General problem of two freshmen in the brand, blog and business that not only offers quality underwear, but also actively involved in charity work.

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