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Short courses in the School of Arts Oxford Brookes
Short courses in the School of Arts Oxford Brookes
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Short courses in the School of Arts Oxford Brookes

School of Arts Oxford Brookes University is one of the most popular faculties of the University with state of the art campus in the student Oxford. Throughout the learning process teachers try to provide students with a vivid, inspiring environment and of course, memorable experience. During the year hosts many events: from concerts and exhibitions to interesting lectures and film festivals. However, the most important is to focus on the expansion of the portfolio and the creative potential of the student. This is the School of Arts Oxford Brookes established short courses.

Short courses are perfect for finding new interesting areas of creative practice. Even if you come to study at Oxford for only a week, you will be able to ignite the creative potential, meet local artists, and, of course, to feel like a student of the British University.

We have collected several short courses. For more information and a complete list of courses, send a request directly to the University.

The Art Experience

Date: 26-30 June 2017

Cost: £365

This course will allow you to try a variety of projects, from working with clay to painting on location. Teacher with experience in commercial illustration and design will introduce you to the practical methods of art and expand your knowledge. The course is suitable for anyone who just wants to develop their creativity, learn more about art or just to gain inspiration for a new project.

Experimental Drawing Summer Course

Date:July 4-7, 2017

Cost: £220

In this research course you will get the opportunity to experiment with different methods and styles. New experimental methods are proposed by teachers with experience in this field, will help you find or improve your drawing style. By the end of the course you even get the chance to create their own unique collection of drawings for your portfolio.

Portfolio Preparation for Art and Design Summer Course

Date: 31 July - 4 August 2017

Cost: £325

Drawing is fundamental to each designer, so to develop this skill is very important. You will have the opportunity to try different kinds of drawing and art in General. It can be a drawing, ceramics, 3D sculpture and much more. Classes are held individually, so everyone will have the opportunity to study in depth a subject. But remember that on this course you will have to work hard, because homework is mandatory.

Life Drawing for Your Portfolio

Date: August 8-10, 2017

Cost: £180

This course is a great opportunity for art students and just for creative people to improve your drawing skills and observation, and, of course, to expand my portfolio. He will teach you the basic principles of drawing accurate figures and will acquaint with the experimental methods and new approaches. During the course you will create your own work, it will be a male or female model.Teachers will help to sort things out and will advise you as you go

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