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Short-term student visa in the UK

If you go to the UK for a course in English or another program, the duration of which does not exceed 11 months, You need short-term training visas short-term study visa.

The basic requirements for obtaining a short-term study visa is quite simple.

The student must:

  • To offer short-term training programme in the UK educational institution approved by the Ministry of the interior, for the admission of foreign students;
  • Have sufficient funds to pay all tuition and live in the UK while training;
  • Have sufficient funds to pay for travel to and back from the UK.

How long a student can stay in the UK?

You can stay in the UK to:

  • 6 months to study English language courses or other short-term program;
  • 11 months to pass the English language course if you are 18 years of age or older.

You can apply to receive short-term training visas in not more than 3 months prior to the travel date to the UK.

The website of the Ministry of internal Affairs of great Britain ensures that the decision on the application to receive short-term training visas should be received within 3 weeks.

The processing times at different visa application centres can be checked on the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs. In may 2017, the year the decision on short-term study visas was taken:
in Moscow – more than 30 days
in Astana for 5 days
in Yekaterinburg for 10 days

What documents you need to provide?

Below is the list of supporting documents for obtaining a short-term study visa.

All documents are submitted in originals which will be returned.

Documents not in English must be translated into English, making them a certified translation.

Together with the application for getting a short term study visas, students must submit the following documents:

  • Valid passport with at least one net with both sides of the page;
  • Previous passport, if it was;
  • Letter of acceptance of the student on the training course; this letter should be issued on school letterhead and contain the course title, its duration, the start date and the cost of studying and living;
  • If accommodation is booked separately from the training course, a letter of reservation of accommodation containing the name, the period, the beginning and the full cost of accommodation must also be provided;
  • Evidence that the student can financially support yourself during the trip; such documents can be Bank statements or statements of wages for the last 6 months; we recommend that documents be confirmed monthly income of £700 and above;
  • A travel plan for student across the country;
  • If a student applies for a visa to study in the program longer than 6 months, the test results for tuberculosis (TB) must be provided by students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other Russian-speaking countries.

If the student is not working

If the student is not working, the following documents must be attached to the application form for a visa:

  • Sponsorship letter from the person paying for the trip, indicating the degree of kinship or relationship with a student, indicating that it is sponsored by.
  • Certificate from the employer sponsor indicating the income (see paragraphs 5, 7) and the Bank records of the sponsor
  • Documents proving the relationship with the sponsor (e.g., marriage certificate or birth certificate).

Additional documents

The following documents are not required. However, if collecting them is not too burdensome for the student, we recommend you to collect them:

  • Certificate of employment on company letterhead with the seal of the organization, address, phone and confirmation that the applicant has been working in this organization and receives a salary of a certain level;
  • Reference from place of study for students;
  • If the student ownership of real estate or securities, copies of certificates of ownership or registration certificate of the vehicle;
  • If available: copy of marriage certificate, copy of birth certificate of the child;
  • If available, Copies of diplomas and certificates of completion of language programs abroad.

Students under 18 years of age

Students under 18 years travelling alone without parents must provide the following additional documents:

  • Permission from parents or guardians on a trip to study in the UK;
  • Contact details at least one parent or guardian;
  • A copy of the Russian passport of one parent (1st page and the page with the actual registration, without translation into English)

Students under 16 years of age

Students up to 16 years travelling alone without parents must provide the following additional documents:

  • a letter from the school confirming that the school had notified the local authorities about the arrival of students up to 16 years and containing the contact information of the employee of the school or Agency that will be responsible for the student during his stay in the UK.

Travel with an adult

If the student is under 18 years of age and a student travels to the UK with an adult (chaperone age 18 years or older), the student must specify the name of the attendant in his application for a visa.

The name of the maintainer will be indicated in the visa of the student, and the student will be denied entry into the UK if the student will arrive in the UK unaccompanied.

In the application you can specify up to two adults and the student visa will be valid only if the student is traveling with at least one of the adults.

How do I apply for a visa

The application is submitted online in English on the official website of the visa service UK

The documents shall be deposited personally at the visa service at the British Embassy in the country of the student. In order to book a visit, student visa service, you must register on the website of the British visa application centre and at the appointed time to arrive at the UK visa application centre to submit their documents and biometric data.

Visa fees

£93 for a 6-month visa
£179 for an 11-month visa

What you can and cannot while in Britain on a short-term study visas?

What you can and cannot do in the UK, while in the country on a short-term study visas?

You can:

  • To study short course in the UK, for example, in the English language;
  • To travel to 4 countries within the UK: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


  • To study in public school
  • To work and earn;
  • To renew a visa;
  • To bring family members. Family members must apply for a visa separately.
  • To receive any funding support from the government of the United Kingdom.

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