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Student at new York's Berkeley College about internship at Prada
Student at new York's Berkeley College about internship at Prada
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Student at new York's Berkeley College about internship at Prada

A student from Lebanon Sarah Ghandour study in the direction of public Affairs at Berkeley College was a dream. But the most striking impression during the study was that in 2014, she had an internship required for each student to receive diploma of one of the leading universities in the United States.

With this practice, students better understand how the industry works, and what they would like to do most. Berkeley College offers to plunge into the work of companies such as Chanel, Vera Wang and Gucci. Sarah was fortunate to learn how to work inside the famous fashion house Prada. According to her, the students were not sitting in place and doing many new things: helped to coordinate the clothes for the fashion show, organizing inventory in the storage room, worked on sets for print and promotional materials. In addition, they interacted with the staff the wording in such leading fashion magazines as Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour and Vogue. Sarah herself even coordinated the clothing for distribution coffee mod.

Sarah was so inspired by the training and proud of our contribution to the great work that now she can't wait to start a career with the fashion industry. The student said that studying in US universities provides great opportunities for international students and prospects for work abroad or when returning home. And the United States, especially new York, the capital of fashion industry of the world is perfect and gives great promise for the study of this sphere.

Berkeley College for more than 80 years prepares students to work in the fashion industry. Thanks to wide business relations of the University, each student has the opportunity to experience and become part of a large company, like Sarah.

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