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How to get an athletic scholarship in the USA

University sport in America is at the highest in the world level, so the universities are carefully selected promising candidates in their sports teams, and even more carefully those whose education and training they will Fund.

Athletic scholarships in USA are awarded by universities for outstanding athletic and academic achievement and in most cases they need to be renewed each year.

Athletic scholarship — an opportunity to combine study and training

Athletes, who are trained in U.S. universities will receive:

  • condensed for time, but a full knowledge, a training program;
  • a minimum of 20 hours of training per week;
  • individual study schedule based on the plan of trainings and competitions;
  • training with the best coaches and regular participation in competitions.

Sports teams, universities and colleges USA distributed in three divisions, and to get into the team and, accordingly, the University's First division is the hardest — there are higher demands and more competition. In the First division includes, for example, the famous ivy League universities.

American universities provide the athletes all the conditions to combine studies with training, leading to higher achievements in sports. But it is important to remember that in addition to the sports reputation, universities and academic value — even if the University has assessed you as an outstanding athlete award athletic scholarships until you are training within its walls, learning for you remains first. Poor performance will negate your athletic merits, and if you do not learn, but well-trained scholarship, you most likely are not renewed.

Who can apply for sport scholarship in USA

In order to qualify for an athletic scholarship in the US, you must:

  • to have outstanding sports results;
  • know English at the level corresponding to the admission requirements of the University;
  • to pass the tests SAT/ACT/GRE subject tests, at the level of entrance requirements;
  • to have the grades, i.e. GPA, at the level of entrance requirements;
  • to demonstrate discipline, high motivation and excellent knowledge of the sport.

In this list specify a minimum and a fairly standard set of requirements, but in practice it can be extended by the universities at their discretion.

How to find athletic scholarship

In the USA there are several large organizations that collect information about sports scholarships and/or manage them.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association

In the National athletic Association of colleges (The National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA) includes more than 1,200 organizations which are 23 sport. On the website you will find a large number of sports scholarships.Start studying the question of how to obtain an athletic scholarship, with this resource.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) is working with a small sports scholarships in 21 sports. There are more than 250 colleges and universities in the United States, and during its existence was granted sports scholarships up to $ 500 million.


be.recruited is another valuable resource for finding sports scholarships. Read and tips for applicants for scholarships.

athletic scholarships

athletic scholarships — online resource for finding sports scholarships in the USA.

Tips for finding a sports scholarships in the USA

  • Using the resources listed above, carefully read the section/ items “Eligibility” and specify if interested in a scholarship for the international students from your country, then see whether you meet these requirements.
  • Start looking for suitable options for 2-3 years before applying. Remember that every 5-10 years the conditions of award of fellowships can vary significantly, so subscribe to the mailing on the subject and always follow the news in this area.
  • Think about what's most important to you in the University, the profession that you want to explore and clearly define the criteria according to which you will add the universities with the scholarships in the list of options.
  • Consider the options without being tied to geography, avoid bias concerning universities (the University may be in the world tops, but having a prestigious sports team).

The preparation of an application for an athletic scholarship

Start to prepare the application for scholarships by foreign students need for 18-24 months before the competition. The main documents which includes the application:

  • CV, resume or biography with a description of your career and achievements;
  • motivation letter;
  • confirmation of sports merit certificates, medals, etc.;
  • recommendations from your coaches and other mentors (school teachers, any teachers for additional subjects that you know well, staff, volunteer organizations, etc.);
  • cover-letter, cover letter, text, the trainer will read before you open your application.

The details of the request and a complete list of documents to find out the College offering the scholarship and be very careful when making and sending in a few places — requirements for documents can and most likely will be something different.

American experts on sports scholarships is also highly recommended for athletes to make a good video about themselves and their achievements, upload it to YouTube and add link in the cover-letter. So the coach is faster and better understand you.

Important! You must be extremely punctual, despite the time and the time difference quickly and respond promptly to letters and requests from the University and the coach is perhaps the most obvious indicator of your discipline and motivation.

How to get an athletic scholarship in the USA

To receive athletic scholarships, it is important to have outstanding academic and sporting results and to make the right impression on the University coaches — it award athletic scholarships they. The competition for athletic scholarships is very high, so you as the athlete will need to demonstrate high discipline, motivation, energy and desire to win, as well as excellent knowledge of the sport, outstanding athletes and their achievements.

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