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How to get into undergraduate USA without exams
How to get into undergraduate USA without exams
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How to get into undergraduate USA without exams

The expert in the field of overseas education, representative of INTO University Partnership Mila Gagarina talks about the peculiarities of admission to US universities and the Pathways programs, to be credited to that don't need to pass the exams.

Is it difficult to enroll in an American University? On the one hand Yes, on the other hand – no. For foreign students there is the possibility of direct enrollment in a University or receipts through the preparatory program of American universities the Pathway.

What are the difficulties that students in a direct enrollment in a University in the U.S.

Direct admission is quite complex, as it implies a long list of documents, earlier deadlines, and sending original documents by post, the entry fee when the result is not yet known, the delivery of additional tests (SAT, GMAT, GRE).

And the most embarrassing moment for foreign students is the adaptation to American education: the U.S. education system is built differently, there are certain requirements to writing papers, there are types of jobs that can not be used in school / University in the country. Finally, adaptation psychological: when you are at a campus with 30,000 students, it is not easy to find, where is the library, or where will host the session.

All these issues helps to solve the Pathway program in U.S. universities.

The Pathway program is held on the campus of the selected University from the first day the students will get full status of a University student. The Pathway program has been specifically developed for foreigners - they come from other educational systems and don't always study with Americans on the same level, and to meet all requirements for direct admission and application process.

Advantages Of The Pathway:

  • flexible entrance requirements: score by GPA and TOEFL / IELTS - is lower than for direct enrollment
  • don't need SAT / GMAT / GREduring the learning Pathway students prepare and pass the required exam in the United States.
  • a simple package application: application form + evaluation from the University or school of translation + passport + language certificate. Do not need cover letter, recommendations, external evaluation of assessments, there is no admission fee.
  • no deadlines for filing and confirmation of the program.
  • the application will be reviewed in a shorter time.
  • available scholarships students with high academic performance.

Subjects which are studied by the students in the Pathway programs, to count towards their degree, so undergraduate-level program Pathway is the equivalent of the first course and leads directly into the second year, and for graduate credits may be counted fully or partially depending on the graduate programs.

 Additional advantages of the programme Pathways:

  • Admission without bankruptcy basics: successful completion of Pathway programs in U.S. universities guarantee progress in the selected program of undergraduate or graduate studies.
  • Access to all resources and participation in activities of the University.
  • Tuition and accommodation in University town center.
  • The highest level of personal care and support of students in the period of adaptation to the learning environment.
  • Consultants in academic Affairs and to transfer to the University to assist and facilitate in admission to the University.
  • Mentors are always available to provide additional academic support.

As a result, students who completed the program Pathways of the US universities, are fluent in the learning stop with teachers and other students understand the characteristics of learning in the United States, are able to effectively Express their ideas in English orally and in writing in accordance with the requirements, perform research in compliance with the rules of citing and formatting references, the full use of library resources and electronic learning environments for conducting research, acquire skills of reading, understanding and critical assessment of academic texts, have the skills of doing presentations and also acquire special knowledge on the selected program.

Thus, the Pathway program in the University of USA is the ideal choice for those seeking to achieve significant academic goals.

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