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SAT or ACT: which test to take for admission
SAT or ACT: which test to take for admission
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SAT or ACT: which test to take for admission

In order to decide which of the two standard tests for applicants on bachelor programs in the United States - the SAT or actto pass, you must be familiar with the requirements of the selected University, published on the website of the institution. Common reasons for choosing a particular test might be the following:

  • The most prestigious US universities require either the SAT Reasoning + 2-3 SAT Subjects test or the ACT with optional Writing.
  • AST test is considered more advanced compared to the SAT Reasoning, as it contains a section Science Reasoning, scientific thinking, and its "Math" section included questions on trigonometry.
  • Many applicants find it easier to go in one day ACT test + Writing, what to take first, the SAT Reasoning test and 2-3 test SATSubjects.

Many foreign students prefer to enroll in undergraduate degree programs through preparatory Pathway program that would not require taking the SAT and ACT. For example, at the State University of Oregon offers a program Pathways in areas such as business, engineering, computer science.