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Scholarships faculty of Economics University of Toledo USA
Scholarships faculty of Economics University of Toledo USA
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Scholarships faculty of Economics University of Toledo USA

Being one of the best research universities in the world, according to the rating of Times Higher Education, the University of Toledo, Ohio (University of Toledo) offers a wide range of areas in Economics. Why economy? Categorical statistics here: master of Economics receives an average of 25-30% higher than the masters of other professions. And if you dig deeper, according to statistics from payscale, early in his career, the graduate of economic faculty of the American University earns an average of about $50,000 a year, in mid-career is $100000.

So, at the Economics faculty of University of Toledo students learn:

  • courses on the environment and the economy natural resources;
  • labor Economics;
  • health Economics;
  • the state of the economy;
  • behavioral Economics and game theory;
  • banking; monetary and fiscal policy, and finally the economy as a whole.

All students of Economics are trained in econometrics, and the acquired knowledge will be applied practically in any sphere of life, as taught to think critically and see the whole picture, in other words, teach “think big”. The faculty also offers unique opportunities, like the UT Economics program 4+1 program speed training. It allows the senior students of undergraduate to complete 8 subjects over two semesters, to defend a thesis to obtain a master's degree and all this time in just one academic year in length in 9 months.

At the faculty of Economics Toledo for foreign students are eligible for scholarships of foreign students "International Student Scholarship" that covers a significant part of the cost of tuition ($9000 of the $20120 per year). More information about the scholarship can be obtained in the section of the University.

In addition to students of economic faculty there is a scholarship named after Shapiro. Scholarship involves two payments per year, one per semester, the sum of $1200. It has become available, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Edward Shapiro, who grew up in Toledo and obtained a bachelor's degree in Economics. He also received a master's degree and PhD from the Ohio state University and Harvard. Dr. Shapiro was a Professor of Economics at UT from 1967 until his retirement in 1989. Now the scholarship that bears his name, helps to learn students who have chosen the economy around the world. To learn more about it you can contact our consultants.

In addition, undergraduate students are the so-called “success coach” - people whose goal is to help foreign students to settle in a new environment, culture and society. The link of the interview from which you will learn exactly how help success coach in the adaptation of foreign students at the University of Toledo.