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Degree American graduate
Degree American graduate
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Degree American graduate

The name of the level of education in English: graduate

The magistracy is the second stage of U.S. higher education. Graduate programs taught in universities in the U.S. and in most they last 2 years, at least one year and rarely three. In order to obtain a master's degree, you need to get 30-60 credit hours of U.S. universities, each of which roughly corresponds to one hour of classroom teaching.

Graduate students in the US have more freedom in the choice of subjects. The majority of programs also includes a final thesis or project.

Here you can read more about how to act in a magistracy in the United States.

Degree American graduate

As undergraduate, in the US there are several types of master's degrees: the total degree and the degree with the indication of the subject area.

Total master's degrees:

  • Humanities Master of Arts, abbreviated MA, is awarded in the Humanities and social Sciences and arts;
  • technical - Master of Science, abbreviated MS, is awarded in the field of engineering, exact and natural Sciences.

Master's degree with indication of the subject area:

  • research - for example, Master of Science in Public Affairs, MSPA, may be grounds to continue an academic or research career;
  • professional - for example, Master of Architecture, M. Arch.

Examples of master's degrees:

Abbreviation Transcript in English The name in Russian
MA (AM) Master of Arts Master of arts
MS (SM) Master of Science Master of science
MBA Master of Business Administration Master of business administration
LLM Master of Laws Master of law
MFA Master of Fine Arts Master of fine arts

There is also a special kind of professional degree at masters level in the legal and medical professions - Doctor of Jurispurdence, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Medicine, which are proof of the professional skills, but not academic. Their preparation is 3-4 years.

Many US universities offer programs whose graduates can obtain two degrees or programs at the same time, thus reducing training costs. Read more about programs of U.S. institutions of higher education to the most motivated students can be found here.