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UCA - application system in a prestigious US universities
UCA - application system in a prestigious US universities
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UCA - application system in a prestigious US universities

The application system in universities the Universal College Application UCA, working since 2007, and currently serves 46 universities and colleges. Despite the fact that this includes the most famous and prestigious universities, applicants should carefully consider your choice of this system for the submission of applications for admission.

The fact that UCA is not the only automatic bids in the United States. American universities can simultaneously use several such systems, applicants no. The choice of universities at the Universal College Application is very limited, and decided to expand it, the student will submit applications manually so as to register only in one system.

Some universities use only UCA

The following universities can apply only through UCA: Dean College, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Fisher College, Johnson & Wales University, Landmark College, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Southern Vermont College, Tulane University, Wesley College, University of Wyoming.

If you've decided to enroll in one or more universities on this list, feel free to sign up in the system - it has a lot of technical advantages compared to the more common SA. In addition, UCA is now accepting applications for before July 1, allowing more time for preparation of documents.

Technical features of the system UCA

  • User-friendly interface.
  • High-speed operation.
  • AutoSave – you are insured against the loss of entered information, if a failure occurs.
  • Quick and effective technical support in case of problems, you will quickly get the necessary advice of a technician.
  • The ability to edit the essay after you click "Send documents" to the time when the documents were opened by a representative of the admissions Committee. This is very useful if after sending you the error was detected.

What information about yourself needs to add student

The system of the UCA requires the provision of integrated information about the student – it is sufficient that the school was accredited and have followed the General recommendations of the National Association of Colleges regarding the rules of admission to universities.

UCA does not require essays and recommendations – this greatly simplifies the applying in cases where the institution does not request these documents. The majority, if not all, colleges today still requires these documents to prepare them anyway you need.

Format essay writing UCA - free, that is, the entrant chooses how and what to write. This is underwater stone - write on the finished, properly structured, relevant General practice template may be still easier than "reinventing the wheel".

Other application submission system

In most cases, the universities using UCA, used SA, which brings together more than 500 educational institutions. However, some universities do not use either of the other systems.

Many state universities have their own software to process applications from students. This includes such well-known institutions as Georgetown University, MIT, University of California system, including Berkeley, UCLA, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Texas A&M, Rutgers University.


The UCA system uses only a limited number of universities - even prestigious. Of course, among customers number of eminent universities such as Brandeis, the University of Chicago, Cornell, Duke University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins, University of Princeton, Rice University, Trinity, Tulane, and Vanderbilt. But the rest of the Ivy League universities - Stanford, MIT and numerous other institutions using the SA. By registering with UCA, remember you can't use a different application system to the University. If you decide to enroll in one of 46 using its educational institutions, the rest of the application, you will have to send manually.

And in order to remember the most important stages of admission, print or save yourself the Calendar of admission to US universities.