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The ACT assessment for admission to bachelor in the universities of USA and Canada
The ACT assessment for admission to bachelor in the universities of USA and Canada
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The ACT assessment for admission to bachelor in the universities of USA and Canada

For admission to most universities in the United States and Canada after the 11th grade in the first higher applicant must provide the admissions Committee the results of one of two standardized tests – ACT or SAT. These tests, along with a transcript - a statement about the studied school subjects with grades on them - are the most important criteria for admission to the University. Test results are also considered when awarding scholarships to study in USA.

General information about the test ACT

The ACT, American College Testing, measures the General knowledge of the student and his ability to cope with the tasks of College level.

The test is conducted according to the following sections:

  • English, English - grammar, punctuation, rhetoric;
  • Mathematics, Mathematics - algebra, geometry, a few questions on trigonometry;
  • Reading, Reading - comprehension;
  • Scientific thinking, Science Reasoning - ability to draw conclusions, to build arguments, analyze.

The test lasts 2 hours and 55 minutes. In addition to this free 30-minute to pass additional options Writing a Letter. The most prestigious US universities for admission require test results ACT with the Writing option.

For each of the 4 sections of the test ACT are awarded points ranging from 1 to 36. The final result is determined as the average score across all 4 sections, that is, it also varies from 1 to 36.

Where to get tested

To pass the test you need to register on the website of the ACT program and select the exam date. As a rule, the test can be taken 5 times a year. There are many international centres ACT program where you can take the exam after the preliminary entries on the official website, there are such centres in all CIS countries.

The presentation of the results to the University

It is important to know that after passing the test ACT results in online format will be available only after 3-8 weeks. The organizers of the test can provide results selected by the applicant to the University in the online format, in printed form by mail or on CD.

As a rule, the University decides the form in which he wants to receive test results, so it is recommended to find out these details and plan test in order to avoid delays.

Some universities require you to send the results of all trials pass the test if they had a few, so sometimes the students together with the good results we have to present and are unsuccessful. Here is a list of universities requiring the results of all attempts at passing the ACT: Barnard College, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, Georgetown University, Rice University, Stanford University, Syracuse University, University of California System, University of Miami, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University.

The cost of the testing

In order to be able to pass the test ACT will be required to pay $39.50 for register. In addition, foreign students pay an international rate - $40. Thus, the total cost of testing for foreign students will be $79.50.

Test additional sections of Writing, which in most cases require a dealer test ACT students, costs $17.

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