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Programs of USA universities for the most motivated
Programs of USA universities for the most motivated
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Programs of USA universities for the most motivated

In the United States, as in many European countries, gaining popularity of combined training, which allows the student within the same program to study at several universities, to broaden and deepen specialization in their University, get a degree or even a degree. Absolute advantage of such programs is savings of time and finances spent on education.

Learn in a few countries in one programme

After studying at the program, joint degree, be sure to include one or two semesters at a foreign partner University, you will receive a diploma jointly issued by the universities of both countries, for example USA and the Netherlands, France or Germany.

The advantage of joint degree programs, in addition to the prestige of the diploma is an opportunity to undergo paid training in the USA, having at the same time and professional experience, and compensation paid for the training. In addition, the cost of living in another country can be much lower than in the United States.

Other benefits include the opportunity to learn and actively use multiple languages, be in an international environment and to acquire useful contacts, experience the culture and life of several countries.

Received professional and life experience will certainly be useful for a career.

The lack of such programs - adaptation to life in a new country takes time, learning another foreign language and General stress can affect the quality of education.

Get two diplomas at the same time, that would have gotten one

The double degree program double/ dual degree can be held in two different institutions or within one institution. You can choose one of two options:

  1. Two degrees at different educational levels: bachelor+master, master+doctor. Degrees are conferred almost simultaneously or with short time interval because of the training, e.g. for master degree begins when the bachelor is not over.
  2. Two diplomas of the same level, but in different subject areas. Concurrent diploma with assignment professional, MD/ DEd etc., and a research, PhD, degree is especially popular among graduate students. Similar practice is also widespread in American graduate schools and the undergraduate in the United States.

Perhaps the main advantage of dual degree programs is to save time and money: after graduation, which lasts for as a normal program or a little more, you receive two diplomas, while not paying double the cost. About the cost of education in USA is available here.

Get a double specialization

Program with a double major double/dual major is ideal for those who want to learn a profession or to conduct research at the intersection of two subject areas. For example, to be a specialist to create a medical equipment, a technical education and knowledge of medicine. Unique specialist and lawyer with the knowledge and skills of a top Manager, and designer-marketing expert and a scientist-linguist, etc.

Choosing such a program, you must be prepared for increased academic loads, often the number of “credits” that need to score for getting dual specialization, much larger than the standard 120 hours. Read more about the system of credit hours in U.S. universities can be found here, about how much loans should a student with an American University here.

At the end of the program, you will receive only one diploma and one degree, but the diploma will reflect this specialization, as it is, in fact, two of higher education. Recruited additional credit hours may be partially read out during the graduate studies, which in turn will reduce the fee for further education.

After graduating from the combined program, you can get a significant advantage: become, indeed, a rare expert, to optimize your expenses on study, to get a unique experience. But still, to get right in the bullseye, you need to very seriously consider their interests and career plans - shot may not reach the goal because of the relatively wide coverage of items in the case of double diploma and highly compressed, very busy schedule of study in the other.

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