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How to choose a profession in high school USA

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If you are going to go to College, you should think about which profession will be able to meet your ambitions and interests, to provide you with the desired income and lifestyle.

For admission to the undergraduate program in the United States you do not have to finally decide on a specialty. The specifics of North-American education is that during the first two years students study a wide range of disciplines and only later choose an area of discipline or major. However, some colleges prefer to prepare students for the profession with first courses, especially for such disciplines as engineering, nursing, art.

Below we have presented the sequence of actions that will allow you to significantly increase the chance of getting a profession that will make your career successful, and professionally happy.

STEP 1: Identify your personal qualities and preferences

Think that more natural communication with humans or with technology, being outdoors, in the office or at events.

Identify 2-5 skills that in your opinion best suited for you. What subjects do you like best, which are easiest? It is easier to get for a particular course with good grades for similar subjects.

Below are services that will help you to choose a profession:

STEP 2: Relate your personal preferences with market trends

Defining the specialties that fit you, study about the dimension of what the profession demanded by the market now and will be in demand over 3, 5 and 10 years in those countries where you would like to live. Find it in the list of popular professions are those that will fit you.

Watch the video of Yana Drapkina-Uehara about what professions will be in demand in Russia and in the world with coming years.

STEP 3: Find the right program

The search programs of the US universities will help you to sort programs in your subject area.

And search of programs on the subjects will give access to a list of all the subjects taught at U.S. universities.

Ask clarifying questions to the representatives of universities on the pages of programs of American universities. The University staff will be glad to answer your questions and help you with the selection.

STEP 4: Find out what you do and how much graduates earn

Statistics about the development of the career graduates can be found on the websites of American universities – it is updated annually and available to students.

Defining the programs that interest you in your chosen profession, ask for important information from professors on the pages of these programs in Russian or English.

STEP 5: Find out how professionals will make it easier to get a job in USA

To stay and work after studies in USA is not easy but possible. DHS regularly updates the lists of professions whose speakers can get a work visa for normal or relaxed conditions.

On the websites of financial magazines such as Forbes, you can also find analysis and predictions on this topic.