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Berkeley Сollege named one of the best providers of distance learning programs in USA
Berkeley Сollege named one of the best providers of distance learning programs in USA
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Berkeley Сollege named one of the best providers of distance learning programs in USA

A few days ago came the rating of "Best universities for distance education in undergraduate studies" from the publisher "U. S. News & World Report," where the Berkeley College ranked first among universities in new Jersey and 8th among universities in new York. For the fifth consecutive year the rating includes Berkeley College in the top five "Best universities for distance learning in bachelor."

In new Jersey, Berkeley College was the first in the top five local universities. Of the 17 universities in new York, included in the list, Berkeley College took eighth place.

"Our position in the ranking of U. S. News & World Report confirms the high quality of the online programs of the College and also the value of 20 years of experience in distance learning," said Michael J. Smith, President, Berkeley College. "A list of U. S. News & World Report is the primary source of information and opinions about universities for applicants. Students wishing to receive a quality education at a distance, can confidently apply to Berkeley College," added the rector.

Publisher U. S. News & World Report when compiling the list takes into account the following criteria: involvement of students, which includes standards of learning, the ratio of the number of students enrolled and successfully completed University, methods of assessment of knowledge and size of group; level of education and achievements of teachers; quality of technologies and services for students, as well as reputation among students.

In 2018 the Department of distance education Berkeley College celebrates its 20th anniversary. The University opened its first online course in 1998, the first online education program in 2003. For 2017-the year of approximately 3,100 undergraduate students and 104 students graduate and graduate school he studied at the College Bekirli on a remote basis. 194 instructor lead online more than 395 sections 188 undergraduate programs and 14 employees teach 22 magisterskich online course. To date, more than 3,000 students received diplomas of the University on the results of learning via the Internet.

Students of Berkeley College Online have access to all University services, including academic counseling, a library, careers service and academic achievements. Student life in the Online campus includes interest groups, social networking, program, healthy lifestyle and personal development, as well as master classes for students.

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