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How to go to University of Canada

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Here you will learn how to enroll in a canadian University itself.

Remember that in canadian universities, there are employees who receive a salary for what they answer students ' questions. Be sure to get information from the universities you are interested in, asking their representatives to the pages of canadian universities!

And if you decide that you need assistance in applying to University of Canada, our consultants will support you at any stage of receipt. We also organize full support for the receipt and preparation of motivation letter.

The sequence of steps for admission to a canadian University

STEP 1: Choose suitable universities

If you already know which University you want to enter, skip to Step 2. If not – read guide on how to choose University of Canada.
Need help is order the service - oriented approach to University and program.

STEP 2: Choose a specialization

If you know exactly what profession you want to get – excellent! See search engine programs canadian universities and choose the appropriate program.

Still thinking about which specialization to choose? Then see the list of items in canadian universities, as well as the video below about the occupations that will be in demand in the world and in Russia in the next 5-20 years.

STEP 3: Choose a program

If you are not sure which program will suit you best read guide "How to choose a program in the University of Canada".

STEP 4: Register in e-application system or on the University website

You can apply to several universities or in several single-programs of the University. Most universities in Canada finish to accept applications for 6-12 months before the start of the semester. You can start training in September or January, depending on this count deadlines. Some universities adopted a floating system of applications submission: documents are accepted throughout the year until the maximum number of students on the program, and received then the application is automatically transferred to the next academic year.

Full list of requirements and information on deadlines can be found on the University website.

Applications to universities in Canada go online or in paper form (which is harder and longer). In some provinces operate a centralized electronic filing, in other to apply through the website of the chosen University.

Before sending email to selected canadian universitiesthat plan to attend and want details to establish the content of documents, requests for admission and the method of their submission requirements of universities vary. Find out about the exact entry requirements before you start to prepare the application.

Need help in checking the application for admission? Book a service check of application and documents.

STEP 5: Prepare documents for application for admission

On programs with low competition the applicant will require minimum effort for application development. If the selected rating University get ready to work on the request seriously.

The standard package of documents for admission to canadian universities include: document of previous education, GPA, and a certificate confirming knowledge of the English language. For admission to the undergraduate courses are sometimes asked to provide tests SAT/ ACT — overall and subjects. Some universities may require a letter of motivation and recommendations. For admission to the art portfolio required. Sometimes the universities conduct interviews with applicants.

A document, proving previous education

The main document on the basis of which the University decides on admission – proof of previous education. When it comes time to apply in canadian University, students often still don't have it on hand.

If the secondary school leaving certificate is not received or not received a bachelor's degree, you must send the University a statement and its translation.


GPA is the average score of the certificate or diploma that attests to achievement. It is one of the most important criteria for admissions Committee. There are several ways to calculate it, and sometimes universities decide which formula should be used. If strict instructions from the University on this account no, use the way your GPA obtained max.

Motivation letter

An essay in which you tell why you choose the profession and the University and how your program will help in achieving professional and life goals. This document allows the admissions Committee to understand your approach to learning and life, goals and motivation for the chosen programme, rules and spirit of the institution, and plays a very important role in the admission process.

In the section on preparing a cover letter yourself , you will learn where to start, how to plan an essay, and see examples of successful cover letters.

Need help in preparing a cover letter? Our editors, who graduated from Oxford and LSE will be pleased to help in preparing a cover letter.

A letter of recommendation

Recommendation or characteristic of the student from the teacher or employer of the universities in Canada require often, but it is possible. By requesting this document at home, the student can hear: "write something, and I'll sign". In any case do not submit such recommendations to the University!

Materials about letter of recommendation of a foreign University will help you and those who will work on your recommendations.

Need help in preparing a cover letter? Order service recommendations.

Step 6: Pass the TOEFL or IELTS test to prove English skills

If the previous education is not obtained in English, you need to take the test and prove sufficient proficiency in English.

Detailed information about IELTS, TOEFL and other tests here.

Get free advice on passing IELTS or TOEFL.

STEP 7: Take the SAT or ACT tests for knowledge of the curriculum

For admission to some bachelor programs in canadian universities , the applicant must provide test results SAT or ACT. These tests are one of the important criteria by which the members of the selection Committee evaluate applicants; their results are also taken into account when allocating scholarships.

Read more here:

STEP 8: Prepare a portfolio, to pass the other tests

For admission to some of the specialty will need to prepare a portfolio or to pass additional tests/ exams. Such specialties some. So, you will need a creative portfolio for design and architecture, "live" exam in the acting, musical and similar specialty. For admission to some universities for masters program in business and Finance, and always on MBA test GMAT.

Get advice on the preparation of a creative portfolio.

Get free advice for passing the test GMAT.

STEP 9: to Pay the fee for consideration of the application

Canadian universities and e-services enrollment charge for consideration of the application for admission to the CAD 75-150. Payment is made after you send the request. Within a few days you will receive from the University a letter with payment instructions.

STEP 10: Send the request and wait for a response of the University

If you prepared the application yourself, defer sending for a few days — of course,if time permits, to carefully check everything again.

Want to have your receipt checked?

Book a service check of application and documents.

And please be patient. Most universities will respond within one month after sending the application. Even if the University is ready to take you on, most likely, you will receive an offer conditional admission. Final it will be when you pass the exams, and their results will satisfy your chosen University.

At this stage you will also need a close dialogue with representatives of the University — be sure to find out all the details from the representatives of canadian universities.

Good luck! No fluff, no pen!


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