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Full Admission Support

Full admission support to a university abroad is ideal for students and parents who would like to have a team of professionals managing their application process to the university of their first choice. With our help, you can be confident that you have met all the admission requirements requirements before increased your chances for success.

What's included

Individual consultation

Individual course and university search


Personal statement

Letters of recommendation



Application check


Interview preparation

Letter of acceptance

More information about the services

We will provide professional advice and help in dealing with the educational system of the country you are interested in, the admission requirements of the university, deadlines, and sending the application to the university. Before starting our work, we will make a step by step action plan for the preparation of the application to the selected universities that will make the admissions process simple and transparent for you.
The choice of universities is the key stage for admission. We will help you with selecting the most appropriate programs. If you would like an in-depth course and university search based on a number of criteria, we suggest you order our “Individual course and university search service”, so that e will find the maximum number of universities that fit your criteria.
A personal statement or a motivation letter is a part of the application to a university abroad. The applicant will need to give reasons for their interest in the chosen program in 1,500 words or less. They will also need to elaborate on the goals the program could help them achieve, what goals he wants to achieve, and the skills and qualities that will help them succeed in the program and in the future career. Our team has edited hundreds of essays for various universities of the world. All essays are edited by consultants with Master’s or PhD from leading universities of the world.
A letter of recommendation is a letter written to the admission team by the applicant’s professor/employer. In many countries, writing such letters has not become common practice yet, and your professors might not know what to say. And even though we cannot make up the content of the recommendation (as that would have been deceiving the admission team), we can help interview your referee and make an unconventional recommendation letter that reveals your personality and potential.
When applying to a university abroad for a master's and some undergraduate programs it is often required to provide a CV that meets the academic standards. In many cases, the CV is the first component of the application the admissions office considers. Our team of professionals will help make a positive first impression by making a professional and powerful CV.
Before sending the application and all the documents to the university we will make a final review and make changes if they are necessary.
We will help communicate with the admission office and university of your choice via phone and email.
The interview is one of the crucial steps on they way to being accepted into the university. We will help you prepare for it, will go through the most common questions admission officers ask, run a mock interview and give you detailed feedback on your answers and how to improve them.
Our team will provide you full support until the successful completion of the admissions process (receiving the letter of acceptance from one or several universities), then you will help you to create a further step-by-step action plan.

Within the scope of our Full Support service we will

  • 1
    Check the admission requirements and evaluate your chances of being accepted
  • 2
    Come up with the application strategy that help you present yourself to the admission office
  • 3
    Create a step-by-step application plan for every university you choose
  • 4
    Check the application and make all the necessary corrections
  • 5
    Help you send your portfolio and help you prepare for the interview (if necessary)
  • 6
    Consult you till you receive a conditional or unconditional offer for the university
  • 7
    Help you with the further steps once you have received the offer

Frequently asked question

We recommend the following steps:
  1. Chose the field of studies
  2. Chose the country
  3. Get familiar with the university rankings (both general and subject rankings are important).
  4. Chose the universities and the courses.
  5. Prepare all the application documents taking into consideration the admission requirements.
  6. To enhance your chances of being accepted, consult Education Index and chose the admission service that is right for you.
It is better to start working on your application and all the needed documents one year prior to the start of your course. So, if you are applying for September 2017, you should start in September 2016. Some universities, for example Oxford and Cambridge, close their admission on October 16, one year before the start of the course. Some top universities of the US close admission on January 1.
We guarantee high-quality preparation of all documents and the application for admission. With our help your chances of successful admission will increase significantly. However, it is the university that takes the final decision. Such external factors as your GPA, test scores also play an important role.
At the same time, our experience and acceptance rate prove that we can be trusted. Most of our come enter 5 universities out 5. Exceptions do happen, and some students enter 2-3 universities out of 5.
In addition, in the case of a negative decision of the university of first choice, we will help to get a preparation course, offered in many universities of the world, that will help you improve your academic results and English proficiency. At the end of this program you will be able to continue with your degree program.
In this case we will help you make additional applications to other universities. We continue our work until the student is offered a place.
Our Full Support service does not include:
  1. Scanning, converting, and formatting your documents.
  2. Writing your personal statement from scratch.
  3. Consulting on transferring the course and accommodation fees.
  4. Reserving the accommodation.
  5. Visa support.
  6. Help with moving to another country, finding the accommodation, opening a bank account, etc.

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Applications to 3 universities 3060 £ + 353 £ during the work
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