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Full support of admission to a foreign University

Full support of admission to a foreign University is ideal for students and their parents who would like to trust completely in the hands of professionals and go to College of first choice! With our help, you can be confident that you've covered all possible requirements of the universities before admission and increase your chances for success.

What's included

Personal consultation

Recruitment programs


Motivation letter

Letters of recommendation


Resume (CV)

Verification of documents


Interview preparation

Letter of acceptance

More information about the services

We will provide professional advice and help in dealing with the educational system of the country you are interested in, the entrance requirements of the University, dates of preparation and sending of documents for admission. Before starting work we will make a step by step plan of action for the preparation of an application for admission to the selected universities that will make the admissions process simple and transparent for you.
The choice of universities is a key stage for admission. We will help you with selecting the most appropriate programs. However, if you want to make a detailed selection of universities, taking into account a number of criteria, we suggest you order our service "Individual selection" program, which includes testing the maximum possible number of higher education institutions for compliance with your data entry requirements.
A motivation letter or an essay, also called Motivation Letter or Personal Statement as part of the application for admission to a foreign University. Using from 400 to 1,500 words the applicant will need to explain to admissions why choose this program, what goals he wants to achieve in doing this program, what qualities, knowledge and skills he will be able to succeed in the program and in his future career. Our team has edited hundreds of essays in various universities of the world. Work on essay is conducted by consultants with Master degree or PhD from leading universities in the world, people from Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union.
A letter of recommendation is a personal letter from the teacher and/or employer of the applicant addressed to the admissions Committee of the foreign institution where you are applying. As in post-Soviet academic practice, the preparation of letters of recommendation while not common, our team helps to get letters of recommendation from the words of the Introducer. We do not "invent" guidelines for referees, since such a practice, in the eyes of the admissions committees of foreign universities, is tantamount to deception. We help You to interview the references and to make an unconventional recommendation letter that reveals Your personality and potential.
When applying to a foreign University for a master's and some undergraduate programs often require the provision of a summary compiled by academic standards. In many cases, the summary is the first component of the application, seen in the admissions office of the University. Our team of professionals will help make a positive first impression, correctly making your resume.
Before sending the application and all documents to the University we will make a final inspection and agree with you the changes (if any).
We will help to correspondence and telephone communication with universities, where do you send the application, check the correspondence that you have with the admissions office of the University.
One of the most important stages of admission to the leading universities of the world is the individual interview. No less important than the preparation of the application, will be its successful completion. We help to prepare for it carefully, analyze together with you the most probable questions, conduct mock interviews and provide a report on the results of your answers.
Our team will provide you full support until the successful completion of the admissions process (of receiving the letter of acceptance from one or more universities), then you will help to Orient on further step-by-step actions.

The order of work in support of the University

  • 1
    We will check the entry requirement and rate your chances
  • 2
    Draw up a strategy for income: how you to better position itself
  • 3
    Compile a step by step plan works on receipt in all selected universities
  • 4
    Together with you will make a motivational essay
  • 5
    Together you will prepare a summary
  • 6
    Agree on the nomination of the referees
  • 7
    Together with your references prepare reference letters
  • 8
    Check out the application for admission and agree with you all the changes
  • 9
    We will help with sending portfolio or preparing for an interview, if necessary
  • 10
    Will guide you until you receive your letter of conditional / unconditional admission
  • 11
    After receiving the offer of a place from one or more universities, will help to Orient on further action

Frequently asked question

Pre-entry advised to plan ahead, step by step. Your actions can be the following:
  1. Choose a specialty
  2. the
  3. Choose your country of study
  4. the
  5. to See with the rankings (overall and subjects)
  6. the
  7. Select the universities and programs of study
  8. the
  9. With all the requirements of the universities to prepare the documents for admission
  10. the
  11. To improve their chances for admission and training of the highest quality applications to consult with experts Education Index and choose the most suitable service of our company
It is best to start to prepare the application and to apply for the program about a year prior to the training, i.e. if you want to start training in the fall of 2017, you must apply in the fall of 2016, for Example, in the undergraduate programs at Oxford and Cambridge the deadline for documents submission officially ends on 15 October a year before the start of training and at leading universities in USA – 1 January in the year of receipt.
We guarantee high-quality preparation of all documents and the application for admission. With our help your chances of successful admission will increase significantly. While the final decision on enrollment of the student, which is always the University, is also influenced by your GPA, test scores and a number of external factors which we can not influence.
At the same time offer you can rely on our experience and statistics, income of our students. Most of them come in 5 universities from 5. With few exceptions, they arrive in 2-3 universities out of 5.
in addition, in the case of a negative decision of the University of first choice, we will help to get a training program in the master (pre-masters), offered in many universities of the world. Its passage will help you improve your academic results and English proficiency. At the end of this program you will be able to continue training in a magistracy.
In case of universities of the first choice is refused, we will help you compose and send additional requests until a candidate receives the offer of a place.
In service to Fully support the admission to a foreign University is not included:
  1. Scan, cut, convert, formatting your documents
  2. the
  3. Writing you essential essay from scratch
  4. the
  5. Advice on the transfer of funds for payment of study and accommodation
  6. the
  7. Reservation of accommodation
  8. the
  9. Visa support
  10. the
  11. advice on moving to another country, the selection of accommodation, Bank account opening etc.
Will be happy to assist you with booking a room in the residence of the University and also give advice on moving to another country as part of our services "Support move".

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