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Lyudmila about studying at a Dutch University of applied Sciences Zuyd
Lyudmila about studying at a Dutch University of applied Sciences Zuyd
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Lyudmila about studying at a Dutch University of applied Sciences Zuyd

EI: hi, Denise! Please tell us a little about yourself. How come you ended up in Holland?

In Holland I was only through the love of tiny old houses and thin wafers. Just kidding, of course, but some truth here. I wanted to get an education in the field of art and design and the Netherlands with its fairly liberal and open attitude towards art is the best approach. To be honest, I'm a very long time to choose the program and country and only visited the country and fell in love with the canals and architecture I decided to move.

EI: whether you adapted in the country? Were there any difficulties? What do you like most about the Dutch lifestyle?

I adapted pretty quickly. I have a very international faculty 15 nationalities and from all different parts of the world – from South Africa, Canada, USA, Croatia, Germany, Switzerland etc.

Of course, in the beginning of the study in another country have to get used to everything ranging from an ordinary bureaucracy in the University and the municipality ending with a trip to the supermarket. But in the Netherlands everyone is very friendly and open, and all questions and difficulties very quickly resolved.

More in the Dutch way of life I like the Dutch manic love to bike😊 This vehicle is a real must for all who are going to spend in this country more than a couple of weeks. I, for one, Holland went on a bike probably only a couple of times, and that in the far childhood. So I had to relearn how to ride.

EI: what criteria did you choose the University and why he chose the University Zuyd?

I wanted to find a program that will allow me to get experience and knowledge in the various disciplines of art. And Zuyd University of Applied Sciences fitted perfectly my requirements, because the program where I am studying Interdisciplinary Arts (iArts) is pleased with unique one of a kind Holland. Besides, Zuyd University very popular with international students For foreigners Zuyd offers scholarships that can cover up to half the cost of training, which is important if you are a student not from Evosoyuza and the cost of training is usually in two or even three times higher. I personally received a scholarship Zuyd Excellence Scholarship and it allowed me to reduce by 40% the cost of tuition.

EI: what program are you studying? What are your impressions?

I enrolled in the program at Interdisciplinary Arts (iArts) and it's an incredible program! This is an accelerated bachelors degree in 3 years (usually in Holland, if you study in University of Applied Sciences bachelor degree lasts 4 years). The program is divided into several units: Arts and Science, Arts and Entrepreneurship. Arts and Culture and Arts and Society, which last from 5 to 10 weeks each. Within each block, we either explore and experiment with a particular discipline of art, be it singing, acting, fine arts or design. Or we choose the technique or art, which we wanted to study individually and adapts to a particular project. iArts as a special laboratory, where the student with the different experiences and backgrounds in art and experimenting together we create an interdisciplinary project. This is my first year teaching, and we have organized the exhibition, 2 theatrical performances, innovative business plan for the company and at the moment we cooperate with the Belgian Museum in Ghent to organize another exhibition at the end of April.

Studies iArts incredibly intense, but it is definitely an invaluable experience.

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EI: did you have a speech in the program?

I was speaking at the inauguration of Stephen de Groot with a short speech on design thinking (design thinking). It was a happy short critical digression on the topic and current status of the design, that is why this method of thinking is sometimes mistaken as a "solution to all problems", and how should we perceive design to achieve successful results.

EI: What are your impressions of student life in Maastricht? What do you do in your spare time?

In fact, in view of the fact that I have learned from the accelerated bachelor program, I have practically no time to do anything but study😊

But I try to travel around the Netherlands and neighbouring Belgium and Germany. To travel and open new places for me better than any other vacation and the location of the Netherlands is perfectly suited for new discoveries.

EI: Thank you so much for sharing your experience! What would you finally like to tell our readers?

I would like to wish everyone and arriving at the Dutch universities not to think, to act and to fear nothing.

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