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If Certificate not received yet: making letters with the estimates for admission in foreign University

Most of the students, sending the documents for admission to the programme a first higher education in English universities and other universities, has been at the hands of a high school Diploma because the admission of foreign universities begins in September-October of the previous year, and the students receive Certificates in June of the year of commencement of study in a foreign University.

If the Certificate of complete General secondary or a document on professional education have not yet been issued, the applicant sends in a foreign University the transcript – translated into English, the letter grades from the school or other institution in which he receives secondary or vocational education.

This letter should be issued on official letterhead of the educational institution and contain the following information:

Making letters with estimates in foreign University:

  1. The full name of the educational institution,
  2. Postal address, including postcode,
  3. Registration number of the letter (the number of "Outgoing"),
  4. Date of issue of letter
  5. Name and title of the responsible person, on whose behalf the letter is drafted,
  6. The signature of the person on whose behalf the letter is drafted,
  7. Round seal of educational institution (this item is not required, but if you have the opportunity to affix a seal, it is better to do),

The contents of the letter with the estimates in foreign University:

  1. Name of student
  2. Years of study of a student in this school
  3. The full name of the qualification document, which will be obtained, for example: "Certificate of complete General secondary education",
  4. The month and year when you plan to the issuance of a Certificate of secondary education (other qualifying document)
  5. A list of all items and derived estimates for the last year or semester.

This document needs to be translated into English in the official translation.