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How to choose a University in Canada

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In Canada, 96 universities, 15 of which are private. Only accredited universities receive University status. Every year the country receives more than 300 thousand foreign students. Higher education in Canada is divided into three stages: bachelor, master and postgraduate studies. The country has two official languages, English and French, you can learn on any of them or to choose bilingual education.

To enter and study in Canada need to begin to prepare for 1.5 - 2 years before the submission of documents to the University, and to apply not later than 6 months before the start of the program. Learn about the features of canadian education: how to choose subjects and schedule how the class is run and give up work, how to prepare for exams, projects and diploma. And, of course, find out as much as possible about the culture and home life in the country.

You will need a considerable degree of independence, development of critical thinking and independence of mind to cope with stress.

On the basis of 5 criteria listed below, determine your University in Canada.

If something seems complicated, the pages of canadian universities ask questions to representatives of universities, their job is to answer students ' questions. Or allow us find the perfect canadian University and program order a customized selection of University and program.

CRITERION 1: Rating of canadian universities

18 canadian universities included in the QS 2017-18 and in the Shanghai ranking, which speaks about their serious scientific potential. If you are planning an academic career, first look at these universities, especially included in the Shanghai ranking.

In addition to the overall ratings, we recommend you to view ratings by subject area. The University may not occupy the top ranks in the overall rankings, but to have the country's best reputation in your area of interest. In this case, it will be a good choice and a great start for your future career.

CRITERION 2: Location and type of University

Choosing a College, consider whether you want to live and study in a big city or small, and how you prefer to organize their learning, life and leisure.

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia, and staying in it a lot. No matter what country you live, you will receive the comfort, the friendliness, the cleanliness of the streets and the highest degree of personal safety. Canadians are extremely polite, neat and socially responsible, and often by foreigners requires time to understand and adopt this way of life.


From the selected provinces depend on: the language of instruction, admission requirements and University regulations for students wishing to stay for work after graduation.

Large or small city

The cost of living in large cities is higher than in small. The difference in living costs can be up to 30 %. The quality of education location of the University is not affected.

The approximate amount of the annual costs of student accommodation in Canada

Major canadian cities will offer a rich entertainment and campus life, large variety of extracurricular activities, interesting and useful contacts, more options part-time work and subsequent employment.

Life in the small town slower pace, leaving more time for study and by providing many opportunities for sport, travel and natural attractions that abound in Canada, the country of two million lakes.

Types of canadian universities

95 % of canadian universities have campuses and student scientific camps, which have all necessary for studying and living and where you can often find a part time job or full time job upon completion of the program. 18 canadian universities are in the province of Quebec, the education system is French.

3 canadian universities:

  1. University: conducts research, it includes many schools and faculties, it offers higher education programs at all levels — undergraduate, graduate, doctoral degree. In the largest, prestigious and expensive universities required to have a medical school.
  2. Polytechnic University: provides applied professional education, e.g. engineer, Builder, and teacher; offers programs of the first higher and sometimes graduate programs. Universities of this type are often former colleges, who received the title of University and the right to confer academic degrees, and their programs remains a focus on applied items. Most of these universities are located in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.
  3. College: offers two-year programmes leading to a professional degree Associate Degree (approximately the equivalent of the College) and sometimes the programs of the first higher. Training in these colleges are cheaper, and many students of College are transferred to the universities to another two years to obtain a bachelor's degree and save significantly.

Read more about universities in Canada, study programs and the degrees awarded at the Basic degree education in Canada.

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CRITERION 3: the Duration of study and cost of study

Learning from the first summit in Canada lasts three or four years, master's degree — a year or two. The price level in canadian universities varies widely depending on the province, institution and program. Medical, laboratory profession and MBA will be much more expensive than others.

Not found the cost of programs that interest you?

Specify the details of the representatives you are interested in canadian universities in the pages of these universities. They will be happy to help you!

CRITERION 4: Scholarships

Some canadian universities offer scholarships for Russian students. Obtaining full scholarships in Canada — a rarity, but save 15 - 50 % for the first and sometimes subsequent years of training may be granted to applicants whose application is convincing enough.

We also recommend you to learn about the scholarship programs of the government and major educational foundations of Canada. Pay attention to the scholarship of the government of the Russian Federation Global education.

If you are applying for a scholarship, your application needs to be tailored to many requirements, nuances and “pitfalls” — even the competition on the program at the University is not very large.

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CRITERION 5: the Level of entrance requirements

Level admission requirements canadian universities set their own. You can read them on the pages of canadian universities.

Often, difficulties for Russian-speaking students call requirements points exam on knowledge of English — TOEFL or IELTS.

Keep in mind that to apply to a canadian University you may not having the desired TOEFL. Send all documents in advance and send certificate after you pass the test.

Examine entry requirements on pages programs of universities in Canada and get the details of University staff by sending questions directly from the pages you are interested programs.

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Watch the video of our founder Jana Drapkina-Uehara on the choice of the University abroad.