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How to improve your English and prepare for tests
How to improve your English and prepare for tests
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How to improve your English and prepare for tests

Depending on the objectives of the planned budget and personal priorities, choose one of the following methods.

English courses abroad and in Russia

Training abroad is carried out on the basis of British language schools and universities. It's optimal to choose, for these purposes, an English-speaking country. Foreign educational institutions offer several groups of programs:

  • level Upper Intermediate and above: to form the skills to pass the test.
  • with a level below Intermediate "Language for academic purposes" (Language for Academic Purposes), combining language learning with preparation for passing the test;
  • Foundation Programme for prospective students of baccalaureate (a combination of linguistic and academic training with preparation in the subjects which the applicant has chosen to study at the University).

Training abroad is immersion in the language and cultural environment, familiarity with the country and people. The barrier for this choice may be the cost, the inability to combine training with on-going work, study and, paradoxically, a weak knowledge of the language.

Training in Russia is carried out in the framework of special programs on the basis of the language schools, courses and accredited examination centres. They are offered General and special programs of varying intensity.

For some people the work in the group serves as an additional motivation. It stimulates do not miss classes and promptly to perform the job. However, most courses do not offer flexible scheduling and missed classes, will likely have to restore on your own or for an additional fee. A short, intensive courses will help to systematize the knowledge and to communicate, but do not expect to master in a couple of weeks the program a whole semester.

Choosing English language courses abroad, it is very important to ascertain the quality of their programs and techniques and understand how well they correspond to the current objectives of the student.

With the teacher

Private lessons can be started at any level, they allow to take into account current tasks, to vary the methods of presentation, the scope and depth of the material being studied and carefully monitored its uptake, make a convenient schedule and choose the effective program of preparation. On the other hand, the option to cancel and move classes can do not the best service.

In the classroom from native speakers, held entirely in English, most students begin to feel comfortable around the Intermediate level, whereas at earlier stages, many believe it is appropriate to obtain the explanations in Russian. The cost of private lessons with a teacher on average 2-4 times more expensive courses.


Many students who choose self-study, already have experience of learning English, and often the level not lower than Intermediate. Extremely important in this case are the good skills of self-organization, high motivation (by the way, those qualities of the applicant are highly regarded by British universities), a clear understanding of their learning tasks and persistence. The objective difficulty in this way will remain acquainted with the various "pitfalls" of which the well-informed professional teacher and which can be difficult to learn on their own. Complexity can also cause the pronunciation and the formation of speech skills. That, however, is fixable, if you organize yourself a good language practice.


Practice is required for everyone, regardless of language level and learning. One has only to look around, and opportunities are abound: at work, with friends, to English clubs. And, of course, the Internet where everything is available: from correspondence and conversation, to reading books, Newspapers and movies from a variety of materials and useful advice to distance learning courses.

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