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Special tests for admission to master's of UK, USA, Holland, Canada: GMAT

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a General education test, neobhodimy for admission to the MBA program. It seeks to identify mathematical, verbal and analytical skills that are important for learning in business school. The owner Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC); administreres Pearson VUE organization. Registration of candidates on the official website of exam walkthrough - accredited center.

The content and duration of the exam

Before the start of the test, you should see the computer guide, the time is not limited. Then a few test questions, the answers are not counted. Between sections five-minute breaks. The total test time of about 3.5 hours.

Section Subsection Time
Analytical Writing (Analytical writing) Analysis of an Argument
(Analysis of argument)
60 min.
Analysis of an Issue
(Analysis of controversial statements)
Quantitative Section (Maths) Problem Solving
(Solution of problems)
75 min
Data Sufficiency
(Determination of sufficiency of data)
Verbal Section
(Verbal section)
Critical Reasoning
(Critical reasoning)
75 min
Reading Comprehension
(Reading comprehension)
Sentence Correction
(Correction of sentences)

Checked: ability to critical thinking and building an argument (writing task); mathematical knowledge, skills charts, the ability to allocate from the proposed data necessary and sufficient for the solution; quality use of language – understanding and ability to analyze the reading, identify key ideas and logical relationships in texts, it is correct and appropriate to use the language expression.

As it seems to

On the computer version of CAT (Computer Adaptive Test). The program randomly provides questions, the complexity of which varies depending on the correctness of the previous answer; the first question is of average difficulty. Permitted records.

Results and certification

Only 4 grades for each section and overall, from 200 to 800 points. Results are ready in 20 days available on the Internet and sent by mail to the student and 5 specified business schools. Unofficial results can be seen at the end of testing, but in this case, the appeal is no longer possible.

The certificate validity period: 5 years.

Approximate cost: 250$.

Admission requirements requirements business schools

As a rule, schools do not publish a minimum passing score. In practice, to go to a prestigious school requires at least 600 points. For example, the average GMAT score MBA graduates 2010 London Business School is 697 points and varies from 600 to 800 points.

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