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Master's degree in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular educational destinations in the world — every year at all levels of higher education study here 300 thousand students from around the world, more than half of them — in the master degree programs. The country is a world leader in public funding of higher education.

About career opportunities and high demand for graduates canadian graduate says that, according to published Statistics Canada study of the labour market Labour Force Survey from 2008 to 2017, the period for graduates with a master degree in Canada was created 1.5 million jobs, and this is three times the number of vacancies created for graduates of all other levels of higher education in the country. Foreign students who have graduated from the magistracy of Canada, can stay in the country to find work for a full day.

The canadian universities are not only teaching students, but are a third of all basic scientific research in the country and a significant amount of applied. 32 universities included in the national Canadian Association of business incubators, helping to create and grow startups.

With regard to the professional development of students, career services of the universities helping them in all matters related to employment.

About masters programs Canada

Program canadian graduate studies are called 'grad ', or graduate, programmes. Canadian universities offer master's programs in all subject areas. Most programs are taught in English, a few a smaller selection in French. Training in magistracy is paid, however, at this level of education the chances of finding a scholarship, especially research programs, higher than in undergraduate studies.

To continue your education with a diploma of bachelor or specialist canadian or foreign University. Program canadian graduate studies last one or two years and culminate in the writing and defense of a thesis or creating a research project. Many programs, particularly in the licensed professions, e.g., law, medicine, pedagogy imply a compulsory practice, but for other specialties, you can choose the program that includes an internship.

Types of master's programs of Canada and awarded the degree

Types of master's programs in Canada are divided into teaching and research.
In the curriculum the emphasis is on classroom work in the form of lectures, seminars, presentations, group work on projects, homework. Such programs are more suitable for future application specialists.

Research programs provide the methodological basis, introducing the procedure of registration of works and allow you to acquire all hard and soft skills, which are necessary for future scientists. In programs of this type the main time is devoted to work on a research project, but a certain amount of classroom training is also available.

An interesting option is the canadian master's programs is to study, internship, research, exchange in the universities of other countries that not only helps you to expand your professional horizons, the range of interesting and useful acquaintances, but also to experience studying and living in another country.

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Degree canadian graduate studies

The main types of canadian master's degrees are MA (Master of Arts) and MSc (Master of Science). MA degrees are given to graduates of programs in all Humanities and social Sciences. Degree MSc receives students who have graduated from technical and natural science professions.

As the UK and the USA, in Canada, there are specialized master's degrees for a number of subject areas, for example, master of education MEd master of music MMus, master of business administration MBA.

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