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GMAT new generation

The test GMAT, which are obliged to take all applicants on the MBA program, since June 2012 has undergone major changes. In it included a new section, Integrated Reasoning (Integrated study), which replaced one of the two 30-minute sections section Analytical Writing (Analytical writing). For the duration of the test (about four hours, including breaks) innovation had no impact, what can be said about the composition of the test.

The owner of the test, The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) conducts a periodic study to ensure that the exam meets the key needs of business schools in selecting their students. Thus, the previous very important changes such as the addition of subkey Data Sufficiency (Definition data sufficiency) in 1961 or section Analytical Writing (Analytical writing) in 1994 was initiated by the business schools.

Surveys conducted in 2006 (business school, USA) and 2008 (European pre-master programme) show that the school appreciates the GMAT – it performs well the task of measuring the skills needed by students for successful learning. However, some valuable skills of potential students still remain outside of the test:

  1. the assimilation and integration of information from various sources, required to solve complex tasks;
  2. accurate interpretation of graphical data required for the selection or evaluation of probabilities and statistics;
  3. detection and evaluation of alternatives and the probability of outcomes in a given situation;
  4. conversion of quantitative data from verbal to graphic format and Vice versa.

As well as pre-existing section of GMAT tested the ability of mathematical and verbal justification, requiring only basic knowledge of mathematics or vocabulary, the Integrated Reasoning measures the ability to draw logical conclusions, using the data in various ways and without requiring in-depth knowledge of statistics.

Source : The Graduate Management Admission Council

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