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How to choose a course at the University of Canada

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Below are the main criteria for selecting programs canadian universitieson the basis of which you will find the course that best suits you.

In the vast majority of cases at admission in canadian University after school at home, you do not need additional training. For admission to graduate you need to have a bachelor's degree or specialist higher education institution at home or abroad.

CRITERION 1: the First and second specialization

Undergraduate and graduate programs in Canada consist of two main units — major and minor. Major is General education subjects and subjects of your profession. Minor — things that give either a second, or more narrow specialization, which you choose based on their interests.

Which is closer to you?

CRITERION 2: Professional internship program Co-op

More than 60% of our users say that the practice during and after school is one of the main arguments for this or that program of study abroad. Canadian universities offer special programs - Co-op (Cooperative Education), which includes a mandatory paid internship in a commercial or public organisations or your University. Semesters internships can either be interleaved with learning, or to be held after all classroom work is completed.

You will work on a real project under the guidance of a teacher, applying classroom knowledge into practice. You will learn the peculiarities of the business culture and business etiquette in Canada. Understanding of the principles of resume writing, job searching, interviewing, facilitate further employment.

How to verify that the internship program in the canadian University is the one that you need to further your career?

To know what practical projects do students

Course work and thesis project made during the internship help to gain experience in canadian organizations, and sometimes future employment. What projects students programs that interest you? Similar projects are interesting to you?

Make sure that the teachers of the course — the practice

Training at the teacher-practice can help you to get not only practical knowledge but also training. Please check in the universities, who will teach you what these teachers experience.

View vacancies in the chosen specialty

What are the requirements employers? Does the experience you can get during the internship, your desired specialization?

Query on the pages of canadian universities information on what practical projects are planned for the program. Investing more than CAD 10,000 for a year of study in a canadian University, find out they have all you important!

CRITERION 3: admission requirements and complexity of the study

If you go to a program with high entrance requirements, be prepared for the fact that learning is not easy. If you are not fluent in English, exams can be especially difficult in the first and second semester.

We support those who seek to achieve the maximum and do in the ratings, considering their performance and budget, University. At the same time each year, we solved the complexity of Russian-speaking students who, unable to cope with the session, failed to advance to the next course.

The responsibilities of staff in canadian universities is to work with applicants, so feel free to ask them all the questions. If you need practice, ask selected canadian University about how the program to which you plan to enroll help you this practice to.