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Consultation on higher education abroad

Get a personal consultation with a specialist in higher education from the UK max jamilli and head Of the Department of support for admission to universities in the world Ekaterina Sazonova
Within 60 minutes on Skype or WhatsApp video, our experts will answer your questions, help you choose universities and programs, evaluate your chances of passing on highly competitive programs and receiving scholarships and make a plan and strategy for admission.

The content of the consultation

  • 1
    Help to deal with the issues of studying abroad and admission to the universities of the world
  • 2
    Clarifies the list of documents comprising a package for admission
  • 3
    Conduct a preliminary assessment of chances for admission to the chosen University
  • 4
    Help to choose the country of education
  • 5
    Help define the parameters and criteria for the selection of universities
  • 6
    Tell you an approximate time of receipt

Consultation with Ekaterina Sazonova

Ekaterina Sazonova The focus of the consultation on: the procedure of admission to world universities,
preparation of documents for admission
60 minutes - 47 £

About Katarina:

  • Red diploma of Master RSUH, PhD;
  • Experience in International education, 6 years
  • More than 100 successful applications to the universities of the world
  • Languages: English and Spanish

Consultation with Max Gemelli

The focus of the consultation on: the choice of University and program
admission into the top universities in the world
60 minutes - 118 £

About Max:

  • 7 years of experience in higher education in the UK;
  • Graduated from Cambridge and two in Oxford
  • Participated in the training of interviewers Cambridge
  • Bachelor of science, master of arts, master of biotechnology (Cambridge) and PhD in molecular biology (Oxford)

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