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If the bachelor/specialist has not yet obtained the registration statement from the University

Acceptance of documents for graduate programs in the UK and other foreign universities basically starts a year before the start of the program. The diploma of the first higher education is one of the key documents in the composition of the application for admission to graduate school. The majority of students from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine sent their applications for graduate programs of foreign universities while training in the last year of the first higher education institution in the country where the Diploma of the first summit are not yet available.

What the student admitted to the master's degree, if the diploma of the first summit have not yet been received?

If You have not received the Diploma about the first higher education in the package of documents for the master's degree You need to include a letter from the University (often referred to as an extract from the University) where You get a first degree.

How to make a statement from the University?

The document is issued on official letterhead of the institution or its faculty and shall contain:

  • The full name of the educational institution,
  • Postal address, including postcode,
  • The date of issuing the document
  • Name and title of the responsible person, on whose behalf the document
  • The signature of the person on whose behalf the document
  • Round seal of the University or faculty (this item is not required, but if you have the opportunity to affix a seal, it is better to do).

If Your University or faculty that gives You the extract, no official letterhead in English, a statement is issued on a standard form in Russian.

The maintenance of grade records from University

  • Name of student
  • The name of the program and specialization that the student is studying
  • Years of study of a student in this program
  • The full name of the qualification document, which will be obtained, for example: specialist, bachelor,etc.
  • The month and year when you plan to the issuance of qualification document – diploma,
  • A list of all passed from the first year subjects and the grades or credits
  • A list of all items that the student will be held in the last year, and for which estimates are not yet available.

Translation of an extract from the University in English

Some universities/ departments will be able to provide You the extract with estimates from the English language. In this case, the design and content must meet the requirements described above and is made in the English language.

If Your University cannot issue You a statement in English, to Russian and to carry out translation from Russian into English in the translation Bureau at notary office or a professional translation Agency, which can make the document a stamp confirming that the translation is done in a professional translation Bureau.

Make sure that Russian word "competition" translated by the English word "credit," not "pass" because the "pass" may be associated with the Russian estimation "3".

Extract from the University = Transcript

In entrance requirements of master's degree programs often include the word transcript. A transcript is a document from the University (certificate or extract) that contains name of student, name of University and program, list of courses and grades produced immediately in English or translated from Russian into English.

How to send an extract from the University for a graduate program?

Most universities accept application from students for graduate programs through the online system of reception of documents of the University. Your extract from the University will be attached to Your online application. The statement should be scanned and attached as a file. Requirements for registration file with the statement:

  1. The pages of the document are scanned sequentially in one file. If the statement is in Russian, the first scanned page is in Russian, and then the page is in English. Make sure the page is in English go in Your document in the same sequence that the page is in Russian;
  2. The file size should not exceed 2 MB;
  3. The file format is the most convenient for University format – PDF;
  4. The scanner can be color or black and white;
  5. Make sure that all pages of scanned Bank statements readable and the document looks neat
  6. Give the file understandable for University title that contains Your name and a description of the document, for example: Ivan Ivanov Transcript.

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