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Interview with the President of the Student Union at Regent's University London
Interview with the President of the Student Union at Regent's University London
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Interview with the President of the Student Union at Regent's University London

Hi, Tatiana! Tell us a little about yourself. How is it that you were in England?

I was born in Kiev and till 18 years I lived there. Then I entered the Kiev national University of Taras Shevchenko on the course Finance and went to live in Moscow. Studied, mostly remotely, and to be honest, not much faith in higher education. More than 10 years ago, it was fashionable to believe that the diploma is just a piece of paper, which in reality does nothing.

Now, from the height of his 32 years, I understand that the 4 years at the best University in Ukraine, with me will forever remain an intuitive understanding of Economics that helped me a lot during my study in the UK.

Regents University London , the University, which produces a huge number of young entrepreneurs. Our teachers are inspiring the development of his business and Career Hub supports students in this difficult matter. My final project is a start-up, which I plan to run after resigning the presidency next year. And then it will be useful to my knowledge that I got on the bachelor.

Back to my story.

I always tried to get away from the system. I am interested in life in all its diversity. After studying at the University, I went to Asia, and more precisely, in China. The culture of this country impressed me so much that I stayed there for a year. And then another two years in a row back there and lived for several months. In China I worked in the fashion industry and in parallel was engaged in business + traveled. It was a wonderful period in my life and invaluable experience who expanded my horizons and allowed us to learn a huge number of people different nationalities. I think that at this time in my life I realized the beauty of communicating with people from different cultures, which certainly will be useful to me this school year, when I represent students in our more than multi-national University.

After my Asian history, I felt that I was beginning to lose its semendeferi and decided to return home to Kiev, to feel your roots. It was 2013 and then began a new Chapter in my life.

I've always had a penchant for publicity, and to uncover this the potential, I went to the course presenters. After studying in school Astra Sapience 4 months, I was casting on a youth project for channel UFO TV. The project is humorous, but with a scientific background. The idea was that three presenters, including me, conducted various experiments, tested the theory in practice. It was incredible a period in my life full of sleepless nights and endless drive. We shot 4 season of the project, which is still in rotation on the channel. In parallel with these I evolved as a stylist. At first I was focusing on personal style predominantly male (I even flew to Milan on courses to take in this direction more details) Then I started to work for magazines, for which organized shooting.

During this period, I have activated a new wave of thirst for knowledge. I discovered short courses and working almost constantly trained since Fashion Business to the Manager of Show business. Iacquired various interesting contacts in different areas and was happy with my life, but all still something was missing.

The idea of learning in Britain arose suddenly.

I was inspired by the closest person he once finished Oxford. For his part, he saw potential in me and lack systematic knowledge.

I admit, when I started studying the question, I would have never thought that will be able to enroll in a British University. It seemed to me that I have not enough base and that is the stuff for geniuses. But as I was already active the process of preparing for IELTS, turning back was not. I closed my eyes and just kept walking.

Looking back, I can definitely say that if I listen to my doubts and fears I would never got to where I am now. Victory consists of small steps. I realized when entering and in his subsequent training. Daily work and now helps me deriv the desired direction.

Teaches Britain.

In what year were you admitted to Regents? Why this University? Why is that?

My training at Regents University London was started in January of 2017. Choice University was not accidental.

At first I wanted to go to another University, but lost half a point on the exam IELTSrequired for admission. While I was waiting for new the results of the language test, all deadlines for filing have passed. I quickly applied to art College, which is located in Cambridge. Through some time I got the offer and was preparing to leave. According to certain reasons, the process was delayed and I was late to the beginning of the first semester I of course was upset. In Britain I have never been and before you start training, I wanted to look around and get used to a new life. While I was waiting for the necessary documents, I was looking at other universities purely for fun and stumbled upon Regents University London.

First and foremost, I was attracted by the beauty of this magical place. I do not believe that all that is described on the website is true. Located in the heart of London, within a green Park, next to which are world-famous museums Madame Tussauds, Sherlock Holmes and the Baker street Street.

Because, again, I've never been to London, for me it was important to consider all nuances, to fully enjoy the city and fully focus on their studies.

In the end, when Cambridge all is well resolved, I realized that I wanted to stay in London. I had to make risky decision: to refuse to have a guaranteed education and to go to Regents University London, where I reported the results in a few weeks.

Looking back, I can confidently say that the risk justified itself!

This combination of beauty, comfort and quality of teaching hard to find in principle. Moreover, being now in the position of President and attending all kinds of the panel, the Senate, as a member of the Board of the University, I deeply impressed with the enthusiasm of the staff and their genuine love for the University!

Sure we will have great future.

What program are you studying? What are your impressions of the program? What most memorable?

I chose the mA course in Luxury Brand Management. I always was interested in the idea of branding as such. Why in front of people can be a choice of two equally quality products, but they go crazy from one and ignores the other. I thought that it is necessary to learn from the best. And if I understand the psyche and the structure of the Luxury Brand – brands lower class I can definitely handle this.

What an experience. It is no secret that the British education is different from our usual system. And it initially freaked me out. I expect I'm going to upload materials to learn and I will live in the library. Instead, we arranged a lot of networking, acquainted with each other and did everything to the University became a second home to us.

The first semester I felt that I did not learn, and play game. It was very exciting, interesting and I felt really unable to Express myself fully that I am not restricted by any boundaries. Study divided into group and individual tasks 50/50. In the first two semesters, I was able to work with more than six teams in different roles: as leadership, and operational. It was priceless experience that allows me now to instantly "jump" to any project and without delay included in the process.

Another really important fact – analysis of real cases. Very easy to get lost in theory, if not to consider it immediately within the existing market. For this purpose, the program used a variety of workshopswhere we were given the original data of actual companies and the tasks which was necessary for them to perform. Also, we do marketing strategy in social media for the real startup, I went to the factory Range-Rover- visited the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, we came so many practitioners from the industry and etc. In General, after completing the course, you feel confident and fell in love in the sphere of Luxury completely.

Plus, it was important for me at the end of training I got practice writing real startup. I went through all the stages, from my crazy ideas, research (including a trip to Paris for the exhibition), analysis and outlining. It was a very powerful challenge, but I got over it and finished training "with merit."

I am grateful to Regents University London for everything he gave me and hope unable to answer him the same in as President this year.

What you spodviglo be a participant in the elections to the student Union?

I always been an activist. If I felt that I can contribute to organizational the process was always included. From the very beginning of University I interested in the work of the Student Union. First, I became a member of the Luxury community and helped to organize activities in the second semester – I was already a member of the Graduate Council, which took an active part. Also, in the beginning of my stay in University, I met with the first President, who was elected to full time. I spoke and watched her for years and when opened filing for the election – I decided that I need to try.

I'll be honest, as our new President, I almost immediately realized this post will give me much more than I could have imagined first.

What do you do as President?

The student Union is like a small state: there is people, budget, team and my goal as President is to arrange things so that to represent the interests of students and make their stay at the University most comfortable, interesting and functional. Functions I have endless many and, at times, it seems that there is no limit in this process. As much as I worked all the time it seems that I have a lot of things do not have time.

As soon as I took office, I have had 4-5 meetings in the day. From morning to evening I spent in communicating: acquainted with the staff of the University, heads of faculties and members of the Board of Directors (composition which I also included). In parallel with this I had to study stack official documents, conduct research, and based on this to think my own strategy for the next year.

Also, I actively participate in conferences on the national level, establish relations with the Presidents of the British universities. We formed an independent organization London Working Group, where we consider the actual issues associated with the interests of the students. Now I actively take part in lobbying the interests of international students.

We support students in organizing various associations. Any hobby can turn into a serious organization, and Student Community is a platform for ideas!

And of course we organize various activities ranging from conferences, to parties in the best clubs London.

My goal for next year is to be in sight, to be open to the needs of children. Together we can make a serious changes/improvements in the educational structure at the local and national level.

What opportunities opened for you, Regent?

Regents University London – the perfect place to expand its contacts. In addition to the students, we regularly invite successful experts from different areas. .

Regents gave me a feeling of family and support. It as a Playground for future politicians and businessmen. Our goal is just Use of the opportunities that lie on the surface. Time flies by quickly. You need to multitask to get everything. But, in the end, the result of worth it!

Yet less than two years ago I came to England and couldn't to understand what I said the officer at the airport. A couple of days – I'll stand on stage and say a solemn speech, news event like the President University!

Such transformations – goosebumps.

Thanks to the practical skills throughout your studies – after graduation, I feel confident and look confidently to the future.

Tatiana, thank you very much for this interview! What would you like to say for our readers?

Try! Nothing is impossible! The question in focus, strategy and perseverance.

Before how to register – go to preparatory courses. I went 2 months and it was worth it! The structure of the exam is original and it should be ready. So you boost the chances that you will receive the necessary passing score and save time for a retake.

Get ready to work for yourself. You will not make one. To check that out too. All located in the area of your responsibility. This is a great exercise for future entrepreneurs especially. The ability to self-motivate and organize useful in always and everywhere.

Tune in a permanent movement. London is a city of great opportunity. And even if you completely immersed in studies – don't forget to visit the many community meeting. Here is extremely developed. In a short time you will have many interesting contacts. People here are very open to communication you will receive from this fun.

Try to practice in the companies that interest you. Don't be afraid to do it free. Summary here are very highly regarded. And the more experience you get before I finished school – the easier it will be to go further.

And the main thing – Do. Right now, start with baby steps. I know it sometimes scary, hard and much is unclear.

But I did it!

And I know that you, too, will succeed.

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