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One day in the law student's life at King's College London
One day in the law student's life at King's College London
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One day in the law student's life at King's College London

According to statistics, law, it is the most downloaded program bachelor's degree programs. Does this mean that the life of law students is bleak longing? Read the post from the blog of a student at King's College London on a typical day of a law student:

10 am: lecture

They say that the key to a successful day is a successful morning. Therefore, best of all, when the morning starts with a lecture, then the whole day is exempt for the other cases. Lectures need to allow students to gain knowledge directly from leading researchers in their field. King's College London very responsible approach to the selection of specialists. Three years of my study time it happened that we faced and personally lectured the author of the most authoritative a textbook on the subject!

11 am: Lunch and self-study

The advantage of the strand campus (The Strand), where I studied on the second and third know that there are people in different directions. I can have lunch with a classmate from law school, to meet a friend-a physicist, or to bump into my roommate from the Department of classical literature.

After lunch in good company there comes a time independent classes. It is important to know good places for independent work, especially if you, like me, you need peace and quiet to focus on complex material. I usually do on the first floor of the building kings or one of classrooms with computers on the fourth floor.

1:30 PM: call home
Because of the time difference of 7-8 hours, I try to make a call in the afternoon. They at this time just finished dinner. Many international students know how difficult it is to find time for this phone call. But many also say that it's worth it.

3 p.m.: Meet the curator
The advantage of such meetings that I can ask the curator any (even trivial) question, and not to worry, I hear it the whole amphitheatre of the students. I'm trying to clear everything seemed to me unclear in the textbook or lecture. A bit of luck and hard work in lesson, and you leave with a much clearer idea of the subject. Plus, you save time that you would otherwise have to spend on it to to understand the topic yourself.

4 PM: back to work
I have said that the textbooks, the texts of laws and court decisions, it is not the most exciting read?

6 PM: moot court
The main occupations at this time are usually already over, but the most active students do not hurry home. They are waiting for classes the Bhangra, workshops on programming, charity dinners and much more.
Last year I was spending the night over the preparations for the international championship of academic judgment processes "Willem C. Vis International Mooting Competition.". At King's College London has a strong tradition participation in the stimulation trials. Because of this, the team of the University times won prizes in prestigious international competitions.

The life of a law student can be a difficult and loaded, but it there are a lot of good. Because in the end, how happy you are depends on you.

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Original article and photo: blog coeds KCL Hannah Tablan

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