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How to calculate your grade point average and diploma
How to calculate your grade point average and diploma
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How to calculate your grade point average and diploma

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Very often, graduates of universities and schools need to calculate the average score of the obtained certificate. It may be required to enroll in a foreign Universitywhen applying for a job. We will explain what is GPA how to calculate your GPA and whether you need to take the tests.

What is GPA

GPA is average score of diploma, the overall progress of the student. The acronym stands for grade point average. When filling in applications for training programs, first degree and graduate studies abroad, many universities need to tell them the GPA of the applicant. For example, most US universities will require applicants GPA requirement. Read more about admission to the bachelor read here about how to enroll in the masters of US here.

How to calculate GPA

When calculating the GPA takes into account all the scores specified in the certificate or the diploma. This can be the final grade: subjects for course and diploma works, for the state examinations. If the document on education already have on hand, take into account any interim assessments that bear you have in school electronic journal or record book, you do not need.

The following point applies only to students: whether it is necessary to take into account the offsets and if so, how to incorporate them.

If your institution uses a 5-tuballoy the system of knowledge assessment plus "pass/ fail" to calculate the average score of the diploma, students enrolling in foreign universities may in one of two ways:

  1. "Credits" are taken into account. "Offset" = 5, "fail" = 0 points. Average grade = average of scores for all items in the leaflet, including "pass" and "fail".
  2. "Credits" are not counted. Average grade = average of all received scores.

Arithmetic average as school performance and graduation evaluations considered by the formula:

GPA = "the sum of all these estimates, the" split "number of items".

Example of calculating GPA

In the above example we show the calculation of the average score for students, but the students think on the same lines. Since most schools do not surrender the offsets, in the calculation of this type of assessment is not involved.

Bachelor on the program "organization Management" received such assessments:

No. The name of the object Rating
1 Philosophy 4 (Good)
2 Sociology 4 (Good)
3 History Standings
4 Law Standings
5 English 5 (Excellent)
6 Math 5 (Excellent)
7 Probability theory Standings
8 Mathematical statistics 4 (Good)
9 Social Informatics 5 (Excellent)
10 Fundamentals of management 5 (Excellent)
11 History of management Standings
12 Economic theory 5 (Excellent)
13 History of sociology 3 (Satisfactory)
14 Organization theory 4 (Excellent)
Just 14 items 4 offset and 10 exams

According to the formula mentioned above, the average score of the diploma will be equal to:

64/14 = 4.64 including offsets or

44/10 = 4.4 - if the tests don't take into account.

If you don't "fail", the first system of calculation raises the average grade of the student. Many universities do not define the order of calculation of the average score of the diploma and the choice of the method of calculation remains with the entrant.

How to find out GPA, if the study is not yet completed

As a rule, admission to foreign University begins a year and a half. If the student or the student continues the study, it can independently calculate the average score based on interim assessments to assess their chances for admission. In this case, the basis for calculating GPA, you can take marks for:

1. Only completed items that had exhibited the final grade.

2. All complete and most recent estimates for uncompleted items.

When sending a formal application to the University, if the certificate or diploma has not yet been received, the applicant should provide a transcript — a letter of estimations in which the average score will indicate College. In addition, the applicant must inform the University in terms of final grades.

How to specify the GPA in the application for admission

A rule specifying a GPA in the application for admission is simple: include not only GPA, but also give the admissions Committee the highest score possible on your program, so in different countries the maximum score may be 4, 5, or 10 points.

For example: if your University/school adopted a 5-point grading system and your grade point average, let's say 4.1, the application for admission you need to inform "GPA 4.1 out of 5".

Specify the maximum GPA

Telling the average score of the diploma, do not forget to specify the highest score possible. In the above example, it will be "4.64 out of 5" or "4.4 out of 5". The diploma of the first higher education or the applicant's transcript will be attached to the application for admission, so the University in any case will see all assessments your assessments.

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GPA in the educational systems of the world

In the world of University practice, the most common of several methods of calculating the average score. So, in the UK often do not take into account the evaluation from the first year, and in the US and Europe believe the average score based on credit hours that the student has gained (and the weight of the credits in America and Europe are different).

In order to evaluate your chances for admission to a particular University, American and European students need to know their GPA and maybe translate it into a different educational system. For this they use special online calculators, but it is important to note that the result they get when translating in a foreign educational system, is not official. The official translation of the GPA to other educational systems (for example, between Britain and the US) are a special organization.

To learn more about GPA and similar indicators of academic achievement in foreign educational systems in comparison with Russia here:

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Unlike Britain and the United States, calculate the average score of Russian diploma or certificate is easy — just follow the instructions in this article to create a very simple table in Excel or use the online calculator.

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