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The process of applying to graduate school in the UK

The process of applying for doctoral programs of the British universities in General similar to the application process for admission to the master's program.

The academic year of most British universities starts in October. All universities set their deadlines for the submission of applications (may be several), as a rule, not earlier than October of the previous year and no later than June-July of the year when it is expected to start training. To apply in advance as the place gets the first bidder that meets the requirements of the University.

Usually, there are two options for filing in paper and electronic form – and we suggest You choose the latter option as a more quick, convenient and reliable.

You can also apply electronically through the website www.educationuk.org through the system UKPASS (UK Postgraduate Application and Statistical Service), used by a number of British universities. This system allows You to apply for a maximum of 10 programs in electronic form, to track changes in the review process to send additional documents.

You can apply for admission to any chosen number of programs, however, correctly calculate your time, because for each program You must submit a complete package of documents.

After receiving a properly executed application, Your chosen University will begin the process of its consideration. In the evaluation process You may be invited for a personal or telephone interview.

Next, You will receive a letter from the faculty or University, informing the decision on Your application. In the case of a positive decision, You will be made an offer of admission (Offer), which may contain certain additional conditions, in the first place – the need to confirm the availability of financial resources for tuition and accommodation, as well as the need to provide proof of a higher level of English proficiency.

After successful completion of all the conditions, You will be sent all necessary information for your arrival and the start of training in the UK. In the case of a negative decision on the application, the applicant is also notified by letter.

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